‪Hmmm well facial recognition technology in libraries would make our client surveillance on behalf of the State easier. What a time saver. 🤔🙃🤔🙃🤔🙃🤔🙃‬

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So I've added a new notebook to my OzGLAMWorkbench about getting data, images and OCRd text out of The Bulletin (or any other digitised journal) on Trove. No API for the journals, so a bit of scraping is required... github.com/wragge/ozglam-workb I blame @Bonnie.

Kind thoughts at 9am please! I have a Very Big Work Thing that I really don’t want to stuff up.

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@Bonnie So what do we do? Do arguments about cultural value or democratic accountability work in the current political climate?

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Impact of funding cuts at NAA: 'There's been a decline in our capacity to provide access to records and also a decline in our capacity to transfer records in.' canberratimes.com.au/national/

Thanks @hugh for creating an alternate to the dumpster fire :)

We are forever in your debt.

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