“People like that are precisely why every tech company has been tripping over itself to sponsor free “coding boot camps” — not to raise up the world’s poor so everyone can make six figures, but to dilute the value of programming labor until it’s a minimum wage skillset so they can increase their own already-massive profit margins.”

Damn 🔥🔥


how does anyone still have imposter syndrome when ernest kline is getting paid to write books

A new chapter of my story ‘Hel is a Four Letter Word’ is up. New chapter every two weeks if you’re interested


The first chapter of my new story, “Hel is a Four Letter Word” is up for your reading pleasure.

It’s a direct sequel to ‘House of Discordia’ but can be read as a stand-alone.

So if you like polytheistic neo-noir detective stories, you’ll probably like it 🤷🏻‍♂️



I groaned out loud when I read this article’s title in CILIP’s journal (jan-feb 2020 issue that only landed on my desk last week). The article doesn’t disappoint either.

@ashley I linked a bunch of Australian librarians to your CMS spreadsheet today. Sorry in advance if you suddenly get a lot of queries!

What do role playing games, swing dancing, BDSM, polyamory, and exhibitions have in common? 🤔 Find out in my latest post for the monthly theme of ‘play’



@alissa I am pleasantly surprised by how good this is 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Libraries on elists asking for a technical solution to a problem I solved two years ago and told everyone about but no one has even looked at...

Sorry team I have to go make dinner. Thanks for the chats and thanks @hugh for amazing hosting!!

It's also been interesting looking at feedback for my own library services. 99% of feedback has been "oh I'm glad you're doing these things. I don't want that but I'm sure someone else does." 🤔

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Are libraries grabbing onto that one stable thing (print material) during a crisis because that's all they think about? Despite trying to tell the public 'we're more than just books' for years. Seems like a huge step backwards, and shows how much lip service makerspaces, third place, movements are.

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Q3. It's been really interesting seeing what services have been pushed, and moved online. The huge push here and in the US is very much focused on print material (click and collects, deliveries). Despite eresouces being a thing for over a decade.

I've been thinking about Q2 today and wonder if this is the time we can demand a return to the original FTTH NBN plan. I see a lot of libraries say they needed to reopen to provide basic internet access, but that is just a bandaid solution. The local gov area I work for is one of the poorest metro areas in terms of internet access

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