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Q3. It's been really interesting seeing what services have been pushed, and moved online. The huge push here and in the US is very much focused on print material (click and collects, deliveries). Despite eresouces being a thing for over a decade.

I've been thinking about Q2 today and wonder if this is the time we can demand a return to the original FTTH NBN plan. I see a lot of libraries say they needed to reopen to provide basic internet access, but that is just a bandaid solution. The local gov area I work for is one of the poorest metro areas in terms of internet access

I've been thinking about disaster capitalism all day with Rio Tinto destroying First Nation sacred sites in WA today 😑

Doing reading group tonight. I'm Andrew (will also answer to Edward) a librarian living an working on Whadjuk boodja.

Kate finally solidified some feelings I was having about those 3D printed masks in this article. I might be able to pull a blog post together now. Anyway good read

Trying to find a blog post about resilience during COVID-19, I think it was a critical look at how resilience in the workplace is just excusing bad management or something like that πŸ€”

Seeing so many libraries on elists that are so eager to pivot to online services that they are literally dumping patron data into apps that come up as the first result on a Google search. "I don't know where the data is kept but it's free!" 😟😭

@alissa I just arranged for my swing school's isolation Lindy hop classes on YouTube to get slurped up by Pandora (via SLWA) 😁 Since when has pandora been able to archive YouTube???

Honestly, this 70s Japanese Jazz playlist I found is the only thing getting me through today, and it's only 9am 😞

COVID libraries 3D printing rants 

Should I write a scathing blog post about why libraries shouldn't be 3D printing PPE? Everyone keeps seeing FB posts about it but doesn't do 3 seconds of research to realise it's a complete waste of time unless you're Josef bloody Prusa πŸ˜’

COVID-19 Libraries 

I honestly don't understand why libraries can't figure out that library books can be a vector for COVID. More and more libraries are doing deliveries and pickup services. I just...ugh.

i wrote an essay about how we deal with bereavement in fiction (cw for discussion of the death of a spouse):

in 2020 we are telling our boss that all that stuff is gonna take like 20-30% longer than it actually will so we have more time to fuck around on our phone’s

@saera your/CAVAL nC donation made me say a rude word out loud at work 🀭

It's so interesting how people remember web journeys rather than the end URL. So weird.

Just overheard a staff member explain how access our join online web page. Ahem:

"Google X Library. Click on the link that says <library URL>. Then look at the 'top tasks' box and click on 'join library', this will send you to the join online form. Fill in form."

As opposed to "go to Click register. Fill in form." πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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