So.. unexpected five day lockdown. I was at the shops when I heard about it. Half an hour later they were mobbed.

I’m glad this is being taken seriously. I think lots of locals disagree with me.

@Molly *Huge hugs* Thinking of you.

What helped for me was my daily walk. If you can walk, go for a walk.

@rachellouise thanks. I will try to do so. Small kids make it a bit of a challenge but my partner and I may take turns or go for a ride with kids in bike trailers.

@Molly good luck. Hopefully you've got some outdoor space you can use.

@luminesce thanks. We are fortunate to have a large backyard with a trampoline and climbing frame.

@Molly well many locals here in Slovenia disagree with the lockdown too and the way it is being pulled as a partial lockdown since october... i don’t support it either, because it has no effect and our lives are massively comprimesed for the past 4 months and numbers are not getting better at all. If there are lockdowns they should be short but full lockdown mode.

@repeet this is a five day lockdown. We have been super lucky where I am to be free of community transmission for many months. I’m glad it’s happening and hope it is effective.

@Molly it probably is a 5 day hard lockdown with everything closed down or?

@repeet kinda. People are allowed to go out to go shopping, seek medical care go to work unless they can work from home and for exercise in their local area (for an hour per day). Masks must be worn when out of the house. So not as strict as I’d like. 🤷

@Molly yeah, that’s not good enough. People at factories wont be wearing masks and that’s the main reason of the virus spread (at least here). We’ve been prohibited to leave our cities for 3 months, only food grocery shopping is possible and the numbers are still the same, because people in factories don’t wear masks at all and they keep spreading it.

@repeet we’ve done a great job of containing it by strict border controls (it helps that we are very isolated). But it looks like a guard at a quarantine hotel caught it and went a bunch of places before testing positive. Further testing should show whether more cases are out there.

@Molly I think the similar lockdown we had in Brisbane a couple weeks ago was absolutely the right thing to do and very effective. I hope things go just as well for you all over there 💜

@betsybookworm thanks. I’m in favour of the lockdown as are most people I know. I’m hoping it nips an outbreak in the bud.

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