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Besides I’m happier dreaming! (I didn’t say that out loud...)

Bumped into a parent at the school across from my previous workplace today (my 11 year old attends the school and it was Open session)
He: I haven’t seen you at the library lately
Me: i left
He: but you’re my favourite librarian
Me: yeah now I’m chasing my dream, writing
He: will that pay more?
Me: 🤔 no but heck I’m going back to where I left twenty years ago. Sometimes the dream is more important!

Feeling annoyed to hear about an unfair dismissal today... so much not right out there and I’m having a vent.... that’s it for now.

@Preprint not hear but here... clearly the audibility is wreaking havoc.... once I hit send Cath and Kim will say it loud!!!

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Heya, my toot site speaks audibly when I’m hear? Even if I leave my phone with the app open. Geez what settings have I 🤣

When I tooted a ‘Cath and Kim’ voice repeated my toot audibly. Is that just a special for me?

Is the bird site feeling like a super racy advertising site more and more?

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Also the lurker : poster ratio on is way too high. How can we coax you all out of the dark?

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ZoteroBib is a new free service from the #Zotero team, that helps you quickly create a bibliography in any citation style

A very neat and well crafted service indeed, useful at all levels for #Academia and #Publishing routine work with #Citation #CitationStyles

It just occurred to me that most social media spaces started without the noise and felt so much better.... I hope this space stays noise free.

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Ah Tootdon is definitely more user friendly.... we just need to get more people here!

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