Off to work today to untangle the mystery that is aquisitions vendor allocation. That is, how to decide when to order from what vendor. One of the things I'm realising is that tech services requires a much deeper understanding of the publishing environment than that which I currently have...

Just when I feel like I've wrapped my head around my project, MPOW offers me some extra hours doing general unit work and now I feel lost again. I'm getting a crash course in acquisitions now. There's blanket orders and approval plans and eresources packages so don't order standalone ebooks and predatory publishers and epreffered acquisitions models and and and 😣 my head hurts

Had news a placement student is coming in a few weeks and will be working with me on project. I'm excited but also suffering imposter syndrome induced anxiety. They have spec col experience and will probably know waaay more than I do about what I'm doing 🙃

I borrowed 4 books like 5 weeks ago. Automatic renewals are my new best friend....but not having a deadline means I haven't opened them nor thought about the blog post I was going to write after reading them!

Ok I've been very slack and still haven't set up my profile...but it's because I keep forgetting to come over here and toot. Is anyone using an android app for mastodon? Any recommendations? If I stick it next to my bird app maybe I will remember better!

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