anxiety levels are 97% and rising

(97%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Thanks everyone for a great chat this evening 🙂

If I'm totally honest though, the thing I'm most struck by when it comes to nearly every proposal I've seen from "the Left" (broadly) is how timid they are. It's all "Green New Deal" and "Green growth" and "Capitalism with windmills".

The biggest lesson COVID-19 should be teaching us is how far governments can go when they want to. If the conservatives can double unemployment benefits and make childcare free - even temporarily - imagine what else we could do.

@hugh totally! But libraries should be kicking up a huge fuss about how many people don't have access. Not going "oh yay, we're useful!" Libraries/ALIA should use this time to lobby for equitable internet access. Imho

Are libraries grabbing onto that one stable thing (print material) during a crisis because that's all they think about? Despite trying to tell the public 'we're more than just books' for years. Seems like a huge step backwards, and shows how much lip service makerspaces, third place, movements are.

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I'm Alissa, a librarian on Ngunnawal country. I hate capitalism and am very tired

Resident Evil Renaissance Continues With Another Grisly Revival - Is This the End of ALIA?

none of it's library related but tbh I wish my life weren't library related atm. I'm so goddamn sick of libraries I could scream

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new blog post, I read some stuff and overthought it all, as usual

I think tomorrow I will set aside some dedicated screaming time

videos are finally up and we should do a watching party or something

you're reading that right - defeat levels are at 90%

(90%) ■■■■■■■■■□

current bamboozlement levels are 82%

(82%) ■■■■■■■■□□

thank you @hugh and @holly for making happen, and for a great chat 🙂

The other Principle that stood out to me was: 'A Just Transition affirms the need for restoring indigenous lifeways of responsibility, duty, and respect to the sacred Creation Principles and Natural Laws of Mother Earth and Father Sky...'

I really value the earth-based spirituality that underlies the Principles. It's not just about respecting the earth, but recognising the sacredness of land, sea and sky, and working to replenish and sustain it, so that it might sustain all of us.

For me, the standout line was 'There is no separation between how we treat Mother Earth and how we treat ourselves'. All life on this Earth is part of a deep, tightly woven ecosystem; humans positioning ourselves above or beyond this ecosystem, and pursuing extractivist ways of knowing and living, is harmful to humans and non-humans alike. Such positioning is doomed to fail.

My library's catalogue listed him by his white name, 'Pigeon', which I kicked up a stink about and managed to get changed, so now he's listed as 'Jandamarra' like he should always have been. It demonstrated to me the library's power to name—who chooses a name? which name? why that name? how can someone change that name?

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Early in my library career I learned about Jandamarra, a Bunuba man who led a fierce resistance against settlers and pastoralists in the Kimberley in the 1890s. AIATSIS has a comprehensive article on his life

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