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(I was more polite on the blog than I am on here)

petition to make 😐 the official emoji of

Deep breaths at the reference desk 🏞️

Then drank some, then went back to sleep. Absolutely wild

I think someone on this train just put jelly crystals in a water bottle???

I just discovered the toot! app’s relax function and it makes me motionsick but I also love it

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watering can with legs totters up to me and pours a little soothing aloe on my worried mind

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We are at Incendium Radical Library for our this is so cool.

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3 days left to opt out of MyHealthRecord doesn’t look like it will be extended again 😔

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I’m going to have Fun today, just you watch

look, I could be wrong here, but I don’t think cycle lanes work like that

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