I listened to all 7h32min of this playlist today and it's excellent music to write / think / grow to, if you're a plant

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spending a lot of time on unsplash today and this image has absolutely sent me

yesterday at work someone told me about this whizzbang new google chrome feature, the ~tab grouper~

right-click on a tab and select 'add tab to new group' then name the group and add a colour

what a game-changer!! tab hoarding revolution coming right up 馃ぉ

man I wish syntax highlighters supported MARC

we're seeing unprecedented emptiness levels

(96%) 鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枴

'As a woman who writes often of the garden outside, perhaps it is time to pay more attention to the garden inside. To compost the machine-like ideas of productivity and worthiness and to tend my own internal garden with the same care I tend my words and stories, my 鈥榦utput鈥. To transform my computer-brain into a garden-brain.'

馃尡 River Garden Diaries: The Mind is a Garden theplanthunter.com.au/culture/

Daily link: solarpunk internet art 

A website hosted on a network which distributes work to whichever node is getting the most sunlight


fascists in the library 

Bad librarian times today - patron asked for help finding Mein Kampf. Pretty sure it was for personal interest and not research too. Not pleased with how I handled it ("go check the catalogue"). I hate this library debate about collections and "neutrality" - just put it in the fucking bin! Any thoughts about this GLAM folks?

oh Antony, you had me at 'boutique escargot farm'

"I realised that everyone who I had sent a pebble to was in a cohabiting relationship. Did they feel this particular form of loss? No one is without suffering right now. Without discomfort and anxieties beyond what any of us have known before. But I worried that in this instance, to them, a pebble is just a pebble."

Touchstones, by Christina Riley littletoller.co.uk/the-clearin

anxiety levels are 67% and steady

(67%) 鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻♀枴鈻♀枴

"鈥楩uck this library鈥 became a kind of catch cry among certain members of staff. It means fuck this library 鈥 fuck this library and the council that governs it, their violent management practices and possessive logics. But, also, fuck this library because we love it. Fuck this library because we believe in a better one."

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"When kids were still allowed in ASPL many of them would say 鈥榝uck this library鈥 in response to various requests from staff: be quiet, no running, final warning. Sometimes they鈥檇 say 鈥榝uck this library鈥 while being escorted out by a security guard or ranger. Yet they would, more or less, all show up the next day..."

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the keytar, the fruit salad, the elephant costume + headphones combo... it's got it all

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