New blog post: I quit twitter and now my brain functions again! Everyone should do this

it's not much of a blog post but I haven't written one for a few months so it's fine

@alissa Nice one! I agree 100% re news sites. A whole bunch of nothing.

@alissa great post! I've been branching out into/queerying linkedin a little more lately as an escape from Twitter (I think I hate it even more than Twitter 😬 but queerying it is kind of fun 😅) and most recently also getting into tiktok...

@alissa Your experience very much tallies with mine. I've been logging into twitter more lately to promote #GLAMDataSci and it tries really hard to draw you back in, and it's so toxic on there. I wish there were ways of interacting with it that felt more like the old days before it became algorithmically optimised for faux engagement at the expense of anything else.

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