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I am *just* immodest enough to note that Violet Fox's new 'Critcatenate' blog on critical cataloguing includes a thing I wrote recently 😊 (heaps of other interesting things to read here too!)

This is a great comic about how some people thrived in lockdown - and how they might continue to flourish in the new normal.

'People are basically houseplants with complicated emotions.'

instead of chilling or sleeping like a normal brain mine is ruminating on a paper i read forever ago where cataloguers were chided by a UX librarian for wanting to help patrons use the catalogue more effectively by writing a little pamphlet or something—while I agreed at the time that pamphlets were poor UX, now I recognise the cataloguers’ desire to teach patrons about data structures instead of encouraging unstructured + poorly-informed searches

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An interesting paper on systematic review design and librarian-mediated searching -- it's data structures all the way down! People can't craft search queries without understanding how data is formed and shaped, be it linguistically, socially, computationally

😒: "Dewey Decimal Classification is like an API specification so it can be used freely"

😏: all cat & class standards are built through the work of catalogers and should be open and free (and funded by larger institutions in an actual cooperative model)

Being autistic the prospect of making friends generally fills me with quiet dread so I am hopeful that masto will make this easier. If you have suddenly started seeing my posts in your feed then it's likely I have accepted your long-ago follow request 🙂

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I want to keep masto a nice and friendly space. I hear there are nice and friendly people around? Bonus points if we have things in common: librarianship, metadata, forests, anarcho-socialism

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now that we're on hometown I think it's time for me to make some new masto friends *cautiously gazes upon the fediverse*

i hope this isn’t a new idea. it’d be rad as hell

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very nice to be lounging in a hammock in the autumn sunshine and thinking things like ‘what if we built an ILS / LSP on a wikibase instance + leveraged work done through wikicite to create and use open metadata’

we're seeing anxiety levels at about 99%

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

While we’re on the subject of ‘things that are good for Alissa’s brain’, ten minutes of Eurovision-themed aerobic silly dancing before bed has been working wonders. Strong recommend

it's not much of a blog post but I haven't written one for a few months so it's fine

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New blog post: I quit twitter and now my brain functions again! Everyone should do this

I am determined to learn the words to this, in a language my ancestors last spoke around 150 years ago, and like most people who don't speak Danish I am boggling at how many vowels this language seems to have

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