@alissa @hugh one day I might post things other than alcohol and flavoured milk here but had to share this one. maple & raspberry waffle pastry stout. πŸ˜ŠπŸ§‡

this keynote was very good and the other conference paper slides look good too βœŠοΈπŸ“šπŸŒŒ

I like this a lot:
Learning together: four principles for digital literacy learning in libraries by Teishan Ahearne


@hugh @alissa I've been trying a few more! honeycomb and toffee went very well with special edition banana and caramel chocolate. election night treat! 😊


@hugh you (and the weather and my local) inspired me to get on the fancy stouts! cacao, hazelnut & vanilla! it is as rich, chocolatey and smooth as claimed

Pretty cool open access explainer at the end of the most recent episode of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering - (segment starts at 22:27 mins)😎 πŸ€“πŸ“šβœŠοΈ

@rachellouise time to work from home until it's fixed!

I think this fiction book may be relevant to some of your non-fiction reading interests @hugh @alissa

@alissa this sounds like the kind of dancing I can get on board with and want to try! 😁✨

@alissa great post! I've been branching out into/queerying linkedin a little more lately as an escape from Twitter (I think I hate it even more than Twitter 😬 but queerying it is kind of fun πŸ˜…) and most recently also getting into tiktok...

@dzshuniper @hugh @alissa oh I spy some books from the tensorate series 🀩 my lockdown reading highlight! 😊

@alissa @hugh @dzshuniper this is what I've heard too and it'll be in a similar school to the one at Curtin... I reckon it's a good match and could help both (so much better than being misunderstood and undervalued in the margins of a business school)

@hugh I would add overworked and underfunded/resourced. I suppose lazy/stupid might apply to some but I'd still say there's more to it

@hugh I think there's more to it than this... but am very glad that AQuA is finally very near having a functioning/up to date and well managed website... so close! have been trying to get them to rely less on fb for a while

I feel like you may appreciate this piece @hugh @rachellouise @dzshuniper ... on the University as a spreadsheet 😯

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