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I think I'm a bit too exhausted for (sorry @hugh @holly et al). been a little distracted by another kind of 'reset' strategy 🤢

Just doing some light Friday night reading on Democratizing the Union at UC Berkeley: Lecturers and Librarians in Solidarity

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@hugh @holly Hollo's suggestions are fun: "walking school buses or dinner discussion forums, community gardens or communal food preparation, repair cafes or renewable energy co-ops, non-violent direct action groups or formal Citizens’ Assemblies. They might involve professional groups imposing green bans, residents converting streets to guerrilla parks, or groups of small businesses establishing a local currency." A bit naff? But fun is important too #reset

keeping this book close today because harry potter helped me become A READER too 😊😭✨🌈📚

complaining about discovery layers since before I was a librarian and knew they were called discovery layers 🙃

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Please remember that aggressively archiving the words and images of others without their permission can put those people in danger. There are times when the wide net "save everything" approach is harmful and we're living in one of those times.

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I would really, really like to see more GLAMs operating under harm minimisation principles—who does this service / resource / space / attitude harm, and how can we minimise that harm. When libraries were debating whether to close (before that decision was made for them) it felt like so many institutions weren't considering the harm that staying open could do.

@Edwardshaddow wrote a really great thing on this a while back

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@hugh totally! But libraries should be kicking up a huge fuss about how many people don't have access. Not going "oh yay, we're useful!" Libraries/ALIA should use this time to lobby for equitable internet access. Imho

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I see a lot of potential around the mutual aid networks that have sprung into life around Covid. If those groups are able to pivot from direct care to advocating for community needs on a systemic level it could be really powerful.

A2 is a tricky one and at the moment i feel like GLAM workers can possibly do more outside of the institutions we're in than within it.. I'm feeling a bit burnt by the institution... but I have never had more conversations with colleagues about solidarity, community care and wellbeing, unionism and reflective practice and been working with a number of GLAMorous and academics colleagues by night which gives me hope

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The first step to building a better world is imagining that such a world is possible. I think GLAM institutions are ideally placed to push boundaries and stretch imaginations, while also walking the walk re. sustainable energy use, fair treatment + unionisation of staff, holistic care for the communities that use them

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I saw David Ritter (Greenpeace CEO) speak at the GLAMSLAM miniconf last year and he exhorted the audience to use our 'GLAM power as clean energy' - to tell new + different + better stories, to help communities create and share new stories too, and to record those stories for all. It's a great listen

An academic ccomrade came up with this relevant backronym after an email some fellow library workers and I distributed yesterday. Librarians Leading Activists in Marvellous Anti-Capitalism (LLAMAs) 📚🦙✊

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