A post on uncovering LGBTQ+ rural histories in the archives that addresses whether relevant records would have been destroyed for self-protection, catalogued in ways that mean they're not discoverable, or described using terminology that is now considered offensive:

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The authors - Joshua Yuvaraj, Rebecca Giblin, Daniel Russo-Batterham, Genevieve Grant - scraped all Copyright Office data pertaining to reversion, painstakingly processed it, and published it. Here's the data:


and here's the codebooks:


The paper is up on SSRN today, and has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Journal of Empirical Legal Studies.


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Sign an open letter to stop the Robert Menzies Institute, a prime ministerial library and museum at the University of Melbourne established by Liberal Party think-tank the Menzies Research Centre: stopmenziesinstitute.wordpress

This looks interesting: a framework for assessing collections of archival scientific records for the purpose of data curation: doi.org/10.13016/1zmx-ghhq


Have only just figured out what those messages at 4am from my English friends asking if we were all ready were about. The football GIFs should probably have been a giveaway. Obviously, I was not at all ready.

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When we discovered Atlantis, and all the branches of knowledge that accompanied the discovery, a cry of anguish was heard from librarians all over the world. The Dewey Decimal System was full. How could we classify all this new knowledge?

The workaround agreed upon was to allow two more values for each digit, “*” and “#”, as well as the customary “0” to “9”.

It became known as the Screwy Dewey Duodecimal System.


I started reading a book about Jewish anarchists and anarchism - There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart, edited by Cindy Milstein - over Shabbat and as a consequence of that I'm now listening to anti-Zionist klezmer on Bandcamp. Feeling good about my life choices. brivele.bandcamp.com/album/a-l

I've signed up to go to sessions on Archival Liberation Vision Board Showcase (9am AEST on Wednesday), Professor Sue McKemmish's Keynote (2pm AEST on the Wednesday), and Exploring Archival Recovery and Reuse Across Disciplines (also 9am AEST, on the Friday).

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The program for the 2021 Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) is out: aeri.website/events/category/v This year there's no central registration or participation fee. Just sign up for any sessions you're interested in. You can read abstracts for the sessions here: aeri.website/virtual-aeri-2021

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"I thought the library was my home.
The doctor thought Aspergers syndrome.
I can fly, in this world.
I have a brain, I feel no shame.
And to the world, I say it loud:
I am a nerd, and I am proud."


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Ugh, my keyboard broke. It had a number pad on the left, because I find that when it's on the right keyboard I have to stretch too far to reach the mouse. Now I'm back to using an old keyboard with a number pad on the right again, and my mouse is too far away, and my shoulder hurts. Maybe I should get a new keyboard with no number pad and avoid the problem entirely. @petrichor, was it you who was looking at keyboards recently? Any recommendations?

Reviewing our research data management online training. Was a little sad to have to correct 'data breeches' to 'data breaches'. Started imagining the data breaches that would no doubt result from data breeches, and found, to my horror, that smart trousers are on the verge of actually existing. Okay, one product was an April Fool, but they are already creating wearable products out of quite a few smart fabrics and e-textiles. :yikes:

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Njeri from ONYX Pages hosted a discussion with A Song Below Water author Bethany C. Morrow recently: youtube.com/watch?v=uOl5Mpvloc

She talks about the importance of solidarity and sisterhood between black women, the inspiration behind the magical creatures in the book, and the experience of intergenerational trauma in racialised communities. It really added to my appreciation of the book.

Some interesting thoughts on long term maintenance of digital infrastructure: oreilly.com/radar/code-as-infr

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"There's a place up on the mountain," her dad said, "where you can see the whole world."
"Take me there!"
"When you're older."
She couldn't wait, so climbed it herself. At last, up in the mist and clouds, she saw the warm lights of a house. She knocked.
"Welcome to the library."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Oh hell no. Not touching a Zoom event with 'dresscode: frolicsome' with a tenfoot bargepole.

Is this the nerdiest paper ever? Using the FRBR model as a conceptual framework for data versioning: datascience.codata.org/article

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