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Netflix, Chapelle, something nice from Hannah Gadsby (link) 

Netflix could improve recommendations greatly if they had better metadata. “Comedy” and “contains $actor” are mediocre tags. “Contains misogynoir”, “an animal is killed”, “features spiders”, those would be better. Netflix should just license in the database from and save themselves a lot of time.

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Disorientation Guide to Librarianship zine edited by Violet B. Fox:

"The zine is designed to be an accessible resource for people who are unfamiliar with structural oppression and injustice in librarianship. It is intended to be a critique of library values and a guide for people fighting injustice in librarianship. The target audience is LIS students and those new to librarianship, with or without degrees, but all are welcome to the conversation."

COVID adjacent 

Oh Duolingo. You speak the sad truth.

Was looking for an image to represent 'trust' for a presentation, and came across this. Yikes. I was looking for 'trust' not 'misplaced trust'.

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"Can I borrow this?"
The girl put a sword on her pile of books. The librarian unsheathed the blade a couple of inches, and scanned the barcode etched on it.
"I'm afraid not."
The girl looked crestfallen.
"That one is reserved," the librarian said. "Let's try to find you another."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Australian petition for Medicare to cover trans surgeries :boost_ok: 

e-Petition EN3307 (for Australian Citizens) asking the federal government to add affirming surgery for trans people to Medicare ends on 27 October 2021. Has 3000 signatures so far.

The petition will ask for a name and email address.

Please boost if Australians follow you!

the spam is getting spammier 

Subject line: Confirmation required of Your University with Predatory Journal Affiliation

Here's a tip: don't announce that you're a predatory journal!

Printed on the back of the book I'm reading: "File Under: False Gods | Angel Inside | Autistic in Space | Here be Monsters"

What I want to know is: what cataloguing standard/metadata schema are they using?!

The best thing about being back on my electronic devices after a two day yom tov is being able to go back to reading the library e-book I was in the middle of...

The High Holy Days have been a trip.

Rosh HaShanah: Observed in isolation at home. Meanwhile, a group gathered to celebrate in violation not only of public health orders, but also of the Jewish laws of dina d'malchuta dina and pikuach nefesh.

Yom Kippur: Viewed a kosher livestream of services. Current restrictions allow 5 people onsite, so no minyan, so core parts of the service were missing.

Sukkot: Fortunately, I tied the schach on our sukkah tightly enough to withstand an earthquake.

"Now, I want y'all to know that y'all's parents may not be too hot about me showing these to you, being as you mad young and whatnot. But all this was material suitable for kids your age back then, feel me? And if you come here looking for information, I'ma give it to you. That's what I do." -- librarian Ube, "a tall, dark-skinned man who whizzed around the marble floors in his wheelchair". From Pet by Akwaeke Emezi.

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“While we recognise the value of open-source, we also realise the majority of [our] people don’t have the resources to take advantage of it,” Jones says. Since the Māori people haven’t been afforded the same opportunities for education and advancement as many of the people who regularly make use of open source databases, Jones says making their data open-source doesn’t work to the benefit of his people.

The Open Access :oa: version of a paper from the research collaboration that I was involved in is now available. It's a story told through the metaphor of the mix-tape. ➿ CO-llaborative VI-rtual D-esign: A collaborative autoethnography on conducting exclusively online, data-led collaborations in the creative industries

toilet paper mystery 

Mystery solved. The characters 1B were confused with /8, which resulted in the parcel being misaddressed. Toilet paper has now been returned to its rightful owner, my neighbour down the street.

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toilet paper mystery 

A 1m tall box of toilet paper was just delivered to our house. The person it is addressed to does not live here. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Just received a census beanie in the mail from my old housemate, who works for the ABS. He said it made him think of me because of the colour and the "data nerdery".

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