pandemic life, transport ethics 

Does anyone have any insight on the comparative ethics of using rideshare companies like Uber vs conventional taxi companies?

Context: I'm disabled, can't drive, and have been advised by my doctor to avoid using public transport due to the COVID risk. I need to make occasional trips that are beyond my walking distance. I also can't use a bike for these journeys because of my disabilities. I'm on a part-time income, so cost is a factor too.

pandemic life, transport ethics 

@dzshuniper I like conventional taxi companies (autocorrect wanted to put taco instead of taxi). Anyway tho that is cos I feel like there's better background checks of drivers by taxi companies than rideshare companies. And also if there is a big problem I can call the company after and get in touch with a real person. I like taxi companies from the point of view of my safety and recourse if anything goes wrong. To be fair, I don't use taxis much at all. I drive myself, it's only if I'm traveling in another city without my car that I will get a taxi. I have never gotten a rideshare before, that is how much I like taxis.

pandemic life, transport ethics 

@dzshuniper I refuse to use uber / rideshares on principle - i would prefer to support a local taxi company vs a multinational algorithmic monster corp, and if something goes wrong i have better avenues of recourse. that said i get a cab maybe twice a year, so it’s not a big ongoing expense

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