keeps getting delayed by 10 minutes, by the time groceries get here I won't eat until 8:30pm :/

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Waiting for my groceries to arrive, they said the window would be between 2pm and 8pm, then they narrowed the actual delivery time between 6:40 and 7:40pm. Guess I'm having a late dinner tonight :P

Also got a new record today! (I've been collecting vinyl).

Abigail by King Diamond, a metal classic.

Been working from home for the past few days due to lockdown, fingers crossed the lockdown ends on thursday (I think it will).

Used to do art, here is a drawing I did based on the Judas Priest album cover Painkiller.

Hi, friends!! My partner Frank has joined the Fediverse as @electriceye82 - I’m going to help them set up their account properly sometime today our time, but yeah!! I’m very happy they’ve joined, tbh.

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