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An of sorts: library director based in Boorloo/Perth, trilingual, bisexual, likes novels, poetry, fountain pens, classical music (JS Bach), dog person. Exhausted by managing in this pandemic.

Still whinging 

Also, when a vendor says they will be "ecstatic to meet with you". I mean, COME ON. :sickos:


When you accept ONE meeting with a vendor and now you seem to be on all their product mailing lists 😒

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Feels a bit like cheating when most of the post is illustrated (even if I made the illustrations myself) and the pictures are from earlier this year. But anyway:

A few of us in AU and NZ libraryland have this annual ritual called during which we blog daily for the month of June. It started 13 (!) years ago back when folks blogged regularly. Now we just blog in June. My post to kick off the month:

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