To celebrate Library & Info Week Commons librarian Antje Dun shares about her work on your online social change library, putting resources in the hands of activists. The theme is Create: let's create a better world!

Thanks so much @hugh & everyone, stoked I could be part of this conversation. Feel free to share insights from the convo in the Facebook group (it's a little quiet there, needs some GLAM folks to get the party started!)

Actions for me: Keep learning & listening & challenging my own settler colonial ways of being. Continue sourcing resources for the Commons First Nations collection:

I find the sharing between Indigenous people globally really inspiring. Larissa mentioned it in her interview - Melina Laboucan-Massimo visiting from Canada, bringing insights around renewable energy on Indigenous lands, Seed sharing the model of youth organising, etc. Also Karrina Nolan's (theme curator) connection with IEN & her Churchill fellowship visiting different communities.

So many layers of harm in ongoing colonisation, genocide and extractivism. The experience of the harm impacts the ability to resist further harm. The wisdom needed to get out of the mess has been undermined by intentional restriction on Indigenous language and knowledge sharing. Ugh!

I thought this was powerful - talking about dependence on fossil fuels etc as a result of colonialism. 'Just Transition must recognize the role govts have played, in their implementing colonial policies leading Indigenous Nations to become economically dependent on fossil fuel, uranium, mining, deforestation & other extractive industrial and western forms of development on and near Indigenous lands and territories.'

Many of the principles seemed consistent with what I've heard from ATSI activists who are resisting extraction. The pressure to trade-off protection of country for basic rights is terrible.

This jumped out at me under Sovereignty: 'Indigenous Nations and Indigenous peoples are not merely stakeholders.' So often govt, developers & activists too want to tick Indigenous consultation off the list & move on with plans on a predetermined timeline. The status of nation-to-nation negotiation allows for something very different.

Also keen to mention Mirrarr people and the Jabiluka blockade as a powerful example, we have some great materials from the campaign in the Commons

In terms of GLAM related resistance - there's been a number of great examples of resistance to removal of Indigenous artifacts by museums, demands for the return of items etc. Eg

In terms of GLAM related resistance - there's been a number of great examples of resistance to removal of Indigenous artifacts by museums, demands for the return of items etc. Eg

To add to my intro - I'm also on Wurundjeri land. I lived in Perth until about 13 years ago, had 3 years in Canberra (miss the National Library) and have been in Melbourne for 10. Oh, going to track down the 'delete & re-draft' function now!

Thanks @hugh - I'm Holly Hammond, my work is supporting social movements to be powerful & effective. The main way I do that currently is via the Commons Social Change Library, gathering and distributing educational resources on a wide range of skills and issues. I'm one of the initiators of the broader reading group project. I'm very pleased to be engaging in the discussing with GLAM crew and trying out this platform (& not Zooming!)

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