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The Black Lives Matter uprising underway in the US is a fascinating case study in democratic participation. So much is shifting so quickly. The Minneapolis City Council deciding to defund police and invest in social services is a great example of what's possible on that level of govt too.

Tim's suggested 'centring of democracy' gives a way to frame everything but relies on ppl thinking more democracy = good, less democracy = bad. Some folks need persuading on that!

P3 I liked being challenged to think about all the issues I care about being fundamentally about democracy. Poor wages are a result of a lack of democracy in the workplace. Lack of climate action is a result of corporate capture of government & disenfranchisement of young people - imagine if people below the current voting age, who will face the worst impacts of climate change, had a meaningful role in governing.

I got a little Bookchin social ecology booklet from an anarchist bookshop in the 90s, loved it and always meant to dig deeper... took me long enough! The ideas in the readings are familiar but I really appreciated having egs of how they have been put into action.

In the current set-up we're systematically denied a say about so many things and we're trained from childhood to accept that and engage in the world passively. Everyone being able to be meaningfully involved in governing opens up a world of possibility and requires ppl to embrace both autonomy and collectivism. Epic paradigm shift!

Re Q1: I think participation by 'every interested person' requires a different scale and a bunch of mechanisms to overcome barriers to participation. I think if everyone meaningfully had a voice resources would be shared more fairly.

Re Q1: I think participation by 'every interested person' requires a different scale and a bunch of mechanisms to overcome barriers to participation. I think if everyone meaningfully had a voice resources would be shared more fairly.

Holly from the Commons Social Change Library here for discussion. I'm on Wurundjeri land.

Hello folks! Thanks for getting things started @rachellouise - maybe the test revealed just how radical you are!

Gotta go folks! Thanks @hugh & everyone for a great discussion. See you in a fortnight 😃

I appreciate this breakdown - there are very clear short term policy implications from these definitions of Relief and Recover, while Re-imagine pushes for a bigger paradigm shift

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These 3 steps from LEAP stood out for me:
1 Relief
Meet the immediate, life-or-death needs of frontline workers and all those lives have been upended by this crisis.
2 Recover
Make sure stimulus spending builds the scaffolding for a zero-carbon, full employment economy.
3 Re-Imagine
Transform the economy to prioritize safety and stability for all, not just the 1%. That means a Global Green New Deal.

Klein's quote of Friedman is sticking in my head: 'the ideas that are lying around'. It takes a lot of work to develop ambitious policy platforms and build unity around them - esp in contexts where they don't seem politically possible. So for eg altho ppl have been advocating for Newstart to be raised, and there's been rumblings around a UBI, there really isn't enough groundswell to make the most of this crisis/opportunity.

I see a lot of potential around the mutual aid networks that have sprung into life around Covid. If those groups are able to pivot from direct care to advocating for community needs on a systemic level it could be really powerful.

Agree around the telling & documenting of stories. Conscious the disruption of business as usual has given ppl diff experiences & perspectives. Eg managing work & parenting has been a huge challenge for ppl for ages/forever but this has potential to supercharge public debate on issues around childcare, flexible working arrangements, gendered division of labour & more. Collecting & sharing stories from iso time could be really powerful.

I've been thinking about what is considered negotiable and what is considered not negotiable in govt budgets. Expecting cutbacks on the aid budget (again) & various public services. A story that was going around earlier this year was reallocation of funds from the NDIS into bushfire relief (it happened some years ago but was being shared like it was current - and that's completely believable).

I'm Holly, activist educator and director of the Commons Social Change Library. Happy to be here with you!

To celebrate Library & Info Week Commons librarian Antje Dun shares about her work on your online social change library, putting resources in the hands of activists. The theme is Create: let's create a better world!

Thanks so much @hugh & everyone, stoked I could be part of this conversation. Feel free to share insights from the convo in the Facebook group (it's a little quiet there, needs some GLAM folks to get the party started!)

Actions for me: Keep learning & listening & challenging my own settler colonial ways of being. Continue sourcing resources for the Commons First Nations collection:

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