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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

Yarra City: We're consulting on street safety in your area

Me: *Worms game voice* You'll regret that

Melbourne spotters - what did I hear steaming through Richmond this morning? 🚂

Last boost: I think this is my favourite Mastodon feature. Some people toot great stuff but prolifically boost utter noise.

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Do you want to follow someone who makes really interesting posts, but you don't want to see their boosts?

You can mute people's boosts on Mastodon without muting their ordinary posts.

Log in through the website, go to a person's profile, click "..." and select "hide boosts from".

(To show boosts, do the same thing but select "show boosts".)

This only works for people you follow.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Boosts #Muting #Curation

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Neofeudalism is looking worse than original-recipe feudalism:

“Homeowners could take out Japanese-style 50-year mortgages that they are able to pass on to their children under plans being considered by Boris Johnson”

Australian library jobs 

I just realised I accidentally referred to these as the salary PLUS super, when they are in fact the salaries INCLUDING super. I didn't think we were getting paid that much!

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Tell me your mechanical keyboard opinions.

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what if instead of 'artificial' intelligence we call them 'superficial' intelligence, because they only give off the appearance of intelligence at this point

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Reading about hi-fi speaker wiring and I’ve somehow stumbled into a dark place

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I fundamentally believe that computers should help as many people as possible do as much as possible, and the way to achieve that isn't by hiding what computers are doing; it's by making what computers are doing understandable and manipulable by users.

Computers should do what their users tell them to. No more, and no less.

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The issue with people not understanding filesystems isn't that people don't understand filesystems; it's that for decades now the leading technology companies have been executing a campaign to strip basic computer literacy from everyone who isn't college educated, allowing the formation of a cult of tech and the mysticization of the process in order to justify monopolies and oligopologies with outsized influence over daily life for everyone on Earth.

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Don't drive through flood water, folks

Australian library jobs 

Tell your friends or yourself, we're hiring!

University Librarian - (Fixed term, negotiable $)

Associate University Librarian Collections & Researcher Services (Continuing, $146,840 + 17% super)

Library Systems Analyst (Continuing, $103,532 + super)

Learning Librarian (Continuing, $81,761 + super)

Happy New Financial Year (Australia) to those who celebrate the occasion.

I am shocked, shocked! to hear that the guy who ran F1 car racing for 4 decades is a fascist.

boring work toot 

My (almost) post-covid leave inbox is not quite as horrendous as I expected.

Looking more carefully I think this may be because I receive more emails than I think I do, but most require nothing of me other than to delete them.

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