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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

As a matter of fact, I am using yawp right now

bloody hell, there was nothing wrong with my code, I had an errant space in a configuration file. Spent hours trying to debug that 😭

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Today's the day I will get my latest code to work.

I will not let Rust defeat me, dammit. :rustacean:

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99 years and the Duke of Edinburgh couldn't manage to become King. really takes the pressure off my own lack of a career trajectory.

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If you happen to have any resources on why you can't replace full-time technical roles with a student intern, I'd appreciate some links!

Poor old Phil. If he'd lasted another year he could have got a telegram from the Queen on his birthday.

Nothing beats the sense of relief as I hand back the hire car keys, having somehow managed not to damage the car or anyone in it.

auspol nswpol climate 

Normally I’m not keen on past PMs weighing in on issues of the day but in this case Malcolm Turnbull accurately a accusing someone else of being condescending is delicious.

Update: this book rules and Tyson is very funny.

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I’ve only read the first chapter and already know this is going to be amazing.

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Internet of shit 

Make everything a computer they said.
It’ll be fun they said.

(also LOL at the idea a 5 cent increase in the collective cost of chips in a $30,000 car is meaningful)

Today we saw:

Deer and faun (feral)
Llamas (enclosed)

Bonus points for “the gummint should have put up a sign”

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This fuckwit’s family has claimed they own the land for 150 years but he reckons he “didn’t know” it was a sacred Aboriginal site.

I don’t believe him.

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Question about Bibliothèque nationale de France book data identifiers 

this is such a niche question, but does anyone here know if BnF IDs for books are unique to works, editions, or both?

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The national bird of Kenya Lilac Breasted Roller, with 8 colours

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