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Right here it is. How I auto-added random images to my blog meta for social media links:

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If you want to see what's changed, the last couple of major version release notes are helpful.

v2.5.0 -

v2.6.0 -

(v2.6.1 is just a quick bugfix)

Maybe I should rewrite as a Python app 🤔

“Our aeroplanes keep falling out of the sky. We will therefore keep flying them for four more months rather than eight.”

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leftists in 1949: imagine if your TV was watching you???? Secret police recorded everything you did??? That would be so awful!

leftists in 2018: all my friends use facebook so I do too

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Tired: Alphabet soup

Wired: Times New Ramen

Lucky for her the retired nun next door had to go to hospital. That would have been a hilarious conversation.

omg just had someone buzz the door and want to talk about the Bible

It's about 60 lines of code and 140 lines of comments lol

Wheeeee wrote my first proper Python script and works?

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no gods, no masters, no rankings, no clout

Deleting tweets in bulk is so soothing...

Ooh I think I've found the bit in my birdsite archive where I bought an iPhone 😂

LOL I just discovered I was paying out Brimbank on Twitter in 2009. Oops.

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Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

hmm seems it did. Well shit look at that, is up to date on v2.6.5

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