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Every second Wednesday from 19:30 AEST (starting this week) I'll be hosting newCardigan's reading group:

So this is your warning to set a filter for the hashtag if you don't want it to swamp your timeline.

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🥳 ==> 🧼 ==> 😇

With version 2.1 you can:

⏰ schedule to run daily at a particular time from your MacOS machine with --schedule and --time (no server needed! Set and forget!)

👩‍👧‍👦 use for multiple accounts at the same time

#️⃣ keep toots with certain hashtags

👀 keep toots with certain visibility

📌 optionally keep pinned toots

📅 keep toots newer than X days

🧼 deletes everything else

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Get a load of this conference paper from 30 years ago, it is so ZING! on academic journals:

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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

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Please remember that aggressively archiving the words and images of others without their permission can put those people in danger. There are times when the wide net "save everything" approach is harmful and we're living in one of those times.

cop unions, USA 

The president of the Minneapolis police union spoke at a Trump rally in October last year. Amazing. At least here they’re a bit more subtle.

This book about the end of the Soviet empire is surprisingly funny.

I think I just saw a double-breasted cardigan on a TV ad. 😯

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An indigenous activist friend wrote this great piece on what white/non-bla(c)k Australians should be doing & thinking about in this time of focus on America, with links to the voices & causes to follow, support & donate to. Racism in Australia is not less bad than America, it’s just different.

Welcome to @loumac @meredith and @bessjoyce our newest members!

They are all here for reading group but hopefully they'll stick around for other conversations too. Please make them welcome!

George Floyd protests 

Perfectly normal country:

"Customs and Border Protection Is Flying a Predator Drone Over Minneapolis"


Bill de Blasio what a guy

Looking a bit End-of-Days in the States.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 

She was a bad egg. 🥚

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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 

“We’re really high now”

Uh huh.

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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 

Haha I forgot the bad trip.

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Imagine the Wonka Industries statement on Modern Slavery with all those Oompa Loompas he kidnapped.

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“the government’s commitment to uphold the integrity of Australia’s welfare system.”

Buddy the Federal Court just ruled there is no integrity to the system.

What a little shit, his poor mum works herself to the bone and he takes Grandpa Joe to the chocolate factory instead.

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£10,000 to take care of the whole family for the rest of his life? I guess there’s been a lot of inflation since 1971.

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