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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

Why TF are there fireworks near me tonight?

Elizabeth Eisenstein really was not a fan of Hugh Trevor-Roper, huh.

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Every morning in Melbourne be like :dingding:🧐 then either :ohno: or🎉

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Apparently the eventual answer was that fully a third of the money allocated to Aboriginal communities goes to non-Aboriginal organisations. I know what I find offensive and it's not Senator Thorpe's "line of questioning"

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from :birdsite: aus pol 

The government is deeply offended that an Aboriginal woman is asking them questions.

So @Erika made crackers yesterday and hummus today... 😋

At the same time NAA was throwing money at lawyers to prevent Australians reading our own history, they were cutting 40 staff positions:

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The National Archives spent over $1 million just on its own lawyers in the failed attempt to prevent Australians seeing the Palace Letters. Probably the cost will be double that.

TIL it’s (Australian) National Bird Week

I dunno, I feel like if you're distributing $252 million in public money it might be useful to have some kind of record of how you decided to do it?

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Hmm, I have forgotten how to use QGIS

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Is there already a tool that takes a video with a subtitles file and produces a collection of one screenshot per line?

“Dangerous thunderstorms are set to cause large hail and flash flooding, destroy crops and drive deadly spiders into homes across large swathes of eastern Australia over the next week.”


There’s a lot to unpack about a statutory authority head being stood down for giving $12,000 in gifts to staff, whilst the Prime Minister pays his mate $500,000 of public money for opinion polling.

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