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Get a load of this conference paper from 30 years ago, it is so ZING! on academic journals:

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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

JFC I stupidly installed Gulp on my own laptop to do something for work and now my whole node/npm install is fucked.

Spent 3 hours debugging missing meta tags and it turns out to be a wordpress plugin being stupid fml

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People standing to make a profit out of pandemic ought to be treated as war profiteers of the WWI (at best, shunned, at worst...)

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crime 🤝 Being late
being able to anger a person

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The concreters finally finished yesterday and now some shithead is working an angle grinder a bit further down the road. 😖

Considering setting up an auto-reply for any meeting invite containing “to discuss how” with a reply simply saying “The answer is MS Teams - no need for a meeting”

Day 2 of trying to use my wireless Mac keyboard with my work Windows laptop and it's fair to say I am yet to master the slight difference in keyboard shortcuts.

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"Kind Regards and Stay safe from the Social Club"

I will indeed try to stay safe from the Social Club. A clear vector.

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Tell you what, this tit-for-tat "It's your fault" "no it's *your* fault" that our governments are engaging in is exactly what we need right now.

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This data is out and yet the APS is still insisting that staff should turn up to the office. Madness.

This special "Work from Home application form" from HR is an interesting insight into how HR think the university works and what constitutes effective management.

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On Covid-19 and rushing therapeutics to the clinic 

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