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Every second Wednesday from 19:30 AEST (starting this week) I'll be hosting newCardigan's reading group:

So this is your warning to set a filter for the hashtag if you don't want it to swamp your timeline.

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🥳 ==> 🧼 ==> 😇

With version 2.1 you can:

⏰ schedule to run daily at a particular time from your MacOS machine with --schedule and --time (no server needed! Set and forget!)

👩‍👧‍👦 use for multiple accounts at the same time

#️⃣ keep toots with certain hashtags

👀 keep toots with certain visibility

📌 optionally keep pinned toots

📅 keep toots newer than X days

🧼 deletes everything else

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Get a load of this conference paper from 30 years ago, it is so ZING! on academic journals:

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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

I have reached the “How did this code ever work?” stage of debugging.


Four weeks to travel from Travancore to Abbotsford. I was planning to use these at the team standup but I guess we’ll have to wait a while.

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I hope Comradery ends up as promising as it looks. A co-op for ongoing creative support instead of having to use Patreon. Personally, wanting to focus more on my writing and having more options in the future for being financially supported is exciting.

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medicine, mh- 

Maybe leaving healthcare to ‘the market’ is actually a terrible idea. 🤔

“Australia experiencing critical shortage of antidepressants, contraceptives and HRT”

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why are they called ecosocialists and not leaftists

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Do you vote in online polls?

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Solved yesterday’s API request parsing conundrum in 1 minute this morning.

[extremely Scott Morrison voice]
How good is sleep?

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In the Lipetsk industrial zone, a KTM tram turns a corner in front of a forest, surrounded by puppies.

The Russians, I think, just do the internet better

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So 2020 taught us:

Don’t start camp fire in Australia when it’s 40+°C
Wash your hands
Wear masks in public
Don’t procrastinate too much when your job is to move 2500 tons of explosive chemical from an urban area

I just tried to upvote a toot, in case you're wondering how my week is going.

I would like to thank @rachellouise for sharing this wondrous thing with me. Your next dance music experience is powered by ...barcodes.

Fuck yeah AUWU have just called a strike.

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