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If you were thinking of auto-deleting your old toots I have good news - I made a thing for you (me):

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If you find your mastodon experience too political, too meme-y, too science-y, or just not interesting enough, choose who to follow more carefully. Unfollow some people who fill your timeline with boring stuff; it's not a personal judgement, and you'll still see it if one of your friends boosts their toot. And follow someone who posts the sort of thing you like. Check out hashtags from their cool posts.

Most of all, post the sort of thing you'd like to see more of!


“Praising Collapse” (James C Scott - Against the grain)

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tfw you've been tasked with writing the obituary for someone who, by all accounts, was just a total and utter turd in human skin

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If anyone with Unix skills (and preferably some development skills as well, but not really a requirement) wants a job, my employer has some openings right here in Singapore. You don't need to live in Singapore to apply.

Count to 15 and choose a door, dipshits.

Wow Perth people really don’t know how to fly huh.

OMG I just remembered that I drank a can of Canadian Club at that party last night. No wonder I had a hangover.

What should the first sticker be on my new laptop?

Hmm I seem to have accidentally borked all my publication dates on my blog. Whoops.

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This cute paper provides a tool!

It deliberately tries software with bad configuration values, and inspects the errors produced. If they don't contain text relating to the bad key or value (based on NLP analysis), the error message could probably be improved.

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How good are your error messages? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tool that told you if your error messages were unhelpful?

Proactive Detection of Inadequate Diagnostic Messages for Software Configuration Errors

The Belgian didn't believe me when I told her that in Tasmania we called processed luncheon meat 'Belgium'.

Great evening eating cake and cheese, talking about Belgium and copping shit for not wearing a onesie.

Related: it's very weird to install something you wrote yourself from an online repo.

Right, only had to re-install two pieces of software to get my blog publishing process back on track:

I'm supposed to be writing a blog post so prepare for a barrage of toots while I procrastinate.

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