As was to be expected, I have fucked up my 2 hour commute already 😞

@saera yeah I accidentally got off at SXS instead of Footscray, but I managed to scramble over with a couple of minutes to spare - no thanks to the PTV app which insisted I'd simply missed my chance!

@saera also no thanks to the staff who decided everyone had to use the glacially slow lifts to get to the platform at Southern Cross 😒

@hugh yeh consider the app as a guidance tool only. V/line may have issues today due to the heat. Hopefully it’s as pleasant as it can be considering you’re going against the flow.

@saera pretty good so far but yeah I do have some reservations about this afternoon. At least we're not doing this next week...

@saera that is actually pretty cool that the line gets its own Twitter account.

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