First bin collection this morning under the new trial rules and based on the number of full recycling bins, and food bins with "did not collect" stickers, it's safe to say Abbotsford has mostly failed dismally. Better luck next week.

@pelagikat we're part of a trial - glass collected separately, a bunch of stuff that can't be recycled anymore (presumably actually never has been), alternating weeks for rubish and recycling (vs weekly) but we also get a food and compostables collection every week. Bit of confusion on Week 1!

@pelagikat I hope it works but I'm not convinced people are going to make much effort to get it right.

@hugh @pelagikat I'd like to see each house issued with an itty bitty bin rather than increasingly complex recycling

@koosli @pelagikat that's kind of what they're trying. Glass goes in a new crate, other recycling goes in yellow bin, stuff that isn't actually recyclable goes in landfill bin, compostables (apparently usually ~50% of landfill bin) go in new green bin. Except we're in a flat so we get a glass wheelie bin.

@koosli @hugh We have a relatively tiny 80L garbage bin here at our new house.

@pelagikat @hugh unexpectedly, one of my favourite things about living in a flat is not having to remember bin night

@uxintro @pelagikat @hugh you're going to have to buy more packaged goods to fill that bad boy up

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