My husband got this ad on Instagram this morning. It is the VERY pot of ice cream, the VERY flavour that we bought yesterday afternoon on a whim and ate at the end of our dinner.

How can you reach this level of accuracy in targeting without actively spying on your users? It's making us freaking out right now... What could be the weak link that makes it possible to match our grocery purchases with a profile? How much data do they own?

#surveillanceCapitalism #Instagram #InstagramIsListening

@hugh nope... N26. We are now trying to fathom how they could have access to our shopping list and how this could make its way to Instagram.


@mcpaccard oh of course, they shouldn't know *what* you bought, even though they know where & when you shopped. Some kind of tracker picking up a mobile phone mac address?

@hugh we are actually wondering if it's due to a very intricate tracking system or just because Instagram is listening to us. I've gotten a lot of "anime" adverts recently, I was wondering why. Turns out that these 2 weeks we have been fostering a doggo named "Tokyo" and I keep on repeating this name, obviously. This is the only coincidence I could see, nothing else has changed in my behaviour recently and I've not been doing anything related to anime culture.

@mcpaccard that fits what other people have said about FB-owned ads for a while. Seems incredibly likely there's a dodgy microphone thing going on.

@hugh a lot of people say it's just a rumour, but on my (slow and old) iPhone, I swear that I've noticed several times the red tab lingering on when closing the Instagram app (if you don't own an iPhone, it indicates that the microphone is on use). Also, they made the mic mandatorily on when you want to add a new story.

@mcpaccard it's not a rummor : Intagram actually listening thru your microphone (I saw the Patent about that years ago). Every time you close Instagram, kill the app and revoke every hardware authorisations (it's easy on Android, I don't know iOS).


@ClovisGauzy that's what I think I saw. Microphone authorization is turned off and I'll just use the web interface with an ad blocker, I think. @hugh

@ClovisGauzy @mcpaccard "The systems and methods disclosed herein also help social networking systems gather information about the composing user's interests."

Surely all this this breaches GDPR?

@hugh I don't know. I wish. Even if it does, it's a very thin hope of being able to enter a long and tedious court process that individuals like us are not even guaranteed to win. @ClovisGauzy

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