Shoutout to the bloody legend who left the Kingston biscuits in the tea room.

@sophistoche @hugh You're both idiots, stupid ones too. Lemon Crisp is the only biscuit.

@koosli @hugh I never knew somebody could be so wrong. pistols at dawn

@mike @sophistoche @hugh Soph better have her gingernut before the sun rises tomorrow then

@sophistoche @koosli @hugh I retract my claim in some ways as I just learned the gingernut is very different depending on which state you're in.

Victorian Gingernut is definitely supreme but I'm prepared to accept it may not stack up as well in other places.

@mike @sophistoche @hugh Wowsers. I'm going to need a blind tasting. Look at that NSW/ACT garbage, it doesn't even look like a gingernut.

@mike @koosli @hugh I’m going to agree with you there, the Victorian one is actually miles ahead. We buy imported ones instead of the NSW pale monstrosity.

@hugh @sophistoche @koosli I know! I'm going to have to buy some next time I'm there just so I can try one and make a big angry blog post about it.

@dirtycommo they're the only ones I feel confident I know the taste of @mike @sophistoche @hugh

@dirtycommo @koosli @sophistoche @hugh Look, in fairness from that pic it does look like they've got the right texture happening. I'd be prepared to give one an honest try.

@sophistoche @hugh @koosli the packet only stays open until 10pm. If you want a biscuit later than that, you have to come back tomorrow.

@hugh @sophistoche @mike Apparently when they invented it, masses of birds fell out of the sky and a thousand dead fish washed up on Sydney harbour

@koosli @hugh @sophistoche @mike I'm unhappy with Arnott's new chocolate-with-gingernut-chunks but only because they don't have the gravel-like consistency I expect as a proud New South Welshman

@koosli @hugh @sophistoche @mike also the fedi must really have arrived if we're having an Australian regional food barney on it

@mikelynch @koosli @hugh @mike this is the most hashtag engagement I’ve had in weeks! Even if most of you are wrong

@mikelynch @hugh @sophistoche @mike Are the NSW ones the tooth-breaking ones and the others bendy?

@koosli @mikelynch @hugh @mike from what I recall they are hard as a rock until soaked, then turn into gravelly slurry that tastes sugary.

@sophistoche @mikelynch @hugh @mike I feel like maybe WA ones used to be like that. Or maybe they are still rock-like. I must know.

@sophistoche @koosli @mikelynch @hugh actually I'm kind of a fan of the Coles-branded ones. They are texturally perfect for soaking in a cold glass of milk without disintegrating, and while a touch on the sweet side, are not missing a distinct gingery note which is honestly completely lacking in some of the bad ones. #BiscuitTastingNotes

@mike @koosli @mikelynch @hugh this settles it. I’m going to the shops to buy different kinds for comparison

@sophistoche @mike @mikelynch @hugh I'm going to rustle up 3 out of 4 next week when work people are flying in from interstate

@koosli @sophistoche @mike @mikelynch @hugh I don't think I've tried the Arnotts ones, but the Woolies brand gluten free ones are pretty good. They are exceedingly crunchy.

@mike @sophistoche @koosli @hugh That NSW Gingernut looks terrible. I'm currently in Junee so might go and get some to do a NSW/VIC comparison.

Why has no one mentioned the superiorness of Scotch Fingers yet?

@matt @mike @sophistoche @hugh Matt that is the worst biscuit opinion so far. Why do Scotch Fingers even exist?

@matt @sophistoche @koosli @hugh if you like a layer of soggy biscuit crumbs at the bottom of your cup, Scotch Fingers are great.

@hugh @mike @sophistoche @koosli Dunking Scotch Fingers has a learning curve but it's a skill worth learning.

@matt @hugh @mike @sophistoche @koosli Kingston or scotch finger have my vote.

And by coincidence, both have a fair gluten free equivalent. But I don't recommend you do it unless you have to.

@Andrea @matt @hugh @mike @sophistoche @koosli I am a fan of all mentioned biscuit varieties. I have to say my current favourite is Venetians.

@Funkpirata @Andrea @matt @hugh @mike @koosli initial impressions: Coles about half the price for same weight. More plastic packaging in Coles brand, and the tray has no recycling marks. Given recycling crisis, not much different. Arnotts biscuits are smaller, more pleasing proportions. Shinier, and cracks are less deep. No sign of dreaded paleness from that article. #biscuitTastingNotes

@Funkpirata @Andrea @matt @hugh @mike @koosli dry bite impressions: coles brand is crunchy, but not hard. Predict faster breakup in hot beverage. Arnotts brand crunchier and a lot harder, but downside of cracking in two when bitten dry. Definitely not the intended consumption style — suspect wetting would aid clean break while maintaining crunch for longer. #biscuitTastingNotes

@Funkpirata @Andrea @matt @hugh @mike @koosli Coles brand test: ~15 seconds dunking time resulted in critical biscuit failure, and 95% subjective sogginess rating. Rating: low to mediocre.

@Funkpirata @Andrea @matt @hugh @mike @koosli Arnotts brand test: ~15 seconds of immersion did not compromise biscuit structural integrity. Beverage penetrated through biscuit completely, but structure and crunch remained intact if diminished. In addition, gingery flavour more noticeable over tea flavour than Coles.
NB. No agitation was performed during immersion tests. #biscuitTastingNotes

@Funkpirata @Andrea @matt @hugh @mike @koosli further immersion tests show that Coles brand reaches 50% sogginess within 0.5seconds of dunk, and loses majority of structural integrity by 2s. (Arnotts@15s was 45% sogginess, 40% structural integrity.) #biscuitTastingNotes

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@sophistoche @Funkpirata @matt @hugh @mike @koosli was the temperature of the beverage controlled throughout the experiment?

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