:yikes: I make an innocuous comment about biscuits and three minutes later I have two dozen notifications. Guess it's afternoon tea time in Australia.

@hugh everyone in that thread is wrong anyway, the only acceptable biscuits are orange creams

@alissa @saera TBH the boring old shortbread creams are my favourite.

@alissa Oh Alissa 😧 They ruin the entire biscuit tin. I'll send you all of mine though 😬 @hugh

@Edwardshaddow not understanding all the poor biscuit taste on this site tbh. oh well, all the more for me 😁 @hugh

@alissa @Edwardshaddow they’re just the thing when you feel like a nice bit of waxy arsenic taste in your mouth.

@alissa @hugh WA ginger nuts are the best as well, while we're at it. I've smuggled them over to VIC for WA expats 😉

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