✅ tram ride 🚃
✅ shrine ⛩
✅ sushi train 🍣
❌ market 🥬
✅ doggo clothes 🐶
✅ accidental visit to another Sapporo Breweries building 🍺

Also in Hugh and @Erika’s Adventures in Sapporo, we finally found the underground tunnels linking Sapporo and Odori stations and found this little municipal library book pickup counter! Three staff 👍🏼

I am also here to provide good Sapporo tram content. Alas we traveled on the newer model pictured on right of the third photo. Confusingly for us it’s the opposite of Melbourne busses: you enter from the rear and exit from the front, paying as you leave.

@liamvhogan the red tram is an example of the VERY SENSIBLE parts of Sapporo that run trams along the outside of the road instead of the middle. Would solve so many of Melbourne’s accessible tramstop dilemmas, but the hand-wringers demanding space on public roads to store their private property will never allow it.

@hugh you're just a series of spoiler alerts for me right now

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