Everything about this is appalling but nothing is surprising:

Big Calculator: How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class

@hugh yeeeep. my high school required a fancy Casio graphics calc but the textbook used TI, and my mum couldn’t afford either but fortunately worked at another high school where they loaned TI calcs to students for free so she borrowed me one 😆

@alissa It seems to me the obvious solution would be a class set that stays with the school and students use for the year. Teachers endlessly buying calculators for students out of their own salary is just so outrageous.

@hugh exactly, like textbooks. or do schools make students buy those now too 😐

@alissa I only ever had class seta of books through primary school, had to buy them after that. Unis definitely don’t and it’s a huge problem at $100+ per book.

@alissa then of course they release a “new edition” every year to kill the second hand market. Or for Unis there’s a big push for online only ‘rentals’. This is partially what’s driving the movement for Open Textbooks.

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