When it’s minus one and blowing a gale, the only thing to do is eat hot udon with tempura squid, then go home to a bottle of the local beer.

Should we be concerned that at check in the hotel made @Erika sign to say she’s not a member of an organised crime group, and if we want a knife for our kitchenette we have to ask at reception due to ‘safety concerns’?

Update: the kitchen knife they gave us at hotel reception is the sharpest knife I have ever used in my life. Making dinner was both a revelation and a terror.

Bizarrely they also provided a sharpening stone. You know, in case I was using it to literally split hairs or something.

@hugh @Erika only thing I can think is do you have visable tattoos? outside of Tokyo sometimes people are weird about it and assume you are in a gang 🤣🤐

@hugh @Erika wow, they must have had some fun stuff happen there 😂

@hugh well, *is* @Erika part of an organised crime group?? was her professed love of regulation secretly a long con??! :O

@alissa @Erika Well I mean she does work for the government amirite

@alissa I now understand why they don’t leave them lying around.

joke gore 

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