This is bonkers: the US put a guy in prison for TWELVE MONTHS for selling copies of the Windows Restore CDs Microsoft gives away.

@hugh @patterfloof I wonder why they’re writing about this now. This was years ago. Was there another incident?

@Kye @hugh maybe he's just been let out of prison recently

@patterfloof @Kye yes it was a few months ago and he was released after 12 months of a 15 month sentence.


well if he sold something that was given for free, that's kind of a scam

@kazuma Did you even read it? He was charged with copyright infringement. You can’t get them now from MS, these are for old OS versions.


yes, i disagree with what he was charged with but selling stuff that isn't yours, whether or not it's being currently distributed by the producer, is wrong

it's why things like exists

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