Ok @clareifications and @dzshuniper looks like is just us. This is the point at which I admit I've had a crazy couple of weeks and haven't done the readings/watchings this time.

@hugh @dzshuniper definitely understand! I probably should get back to writing...

@hugh @clareifications No apologies needed. Sounds like we all needed a night off

@dzshuniper @clareifications kind of bummed out about it actually, worker controlled workplaces is something I'm interested in talking about. I guess it's still all there for when I have more time.

@hugh @dzshuniper yes, no apologies needed. I think you will enjoy the readings/watchings when you manage to get to them 😀

@clareifications @dzshuniper thankyou!

See you around here and next time then.

And Clare, looking forward to your piece of writing due tomorrow.

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