I was doing pretty well at understanding this into to Rust right up top the point they started talking about public and private code and now I'm uh, not doing well at understanding. :rustacean:

possibly helpful explanation? 

@hugh think of it in terms of what other code needs to know about the code in question, rather than other people. In the same way that the senior engineer designing a plane mightn’t need to know exactly how the aileron mounting bolts are torqued, only that the subordinate engineer responsible has ensured it is, it’s good practice to be aware of and minimise the number of channels by which different areas of code interface with each other, to make the web of connections easier to diagnose. Private code is what deals with the internal machinations to achieve an effect. Public code is how those effects are made available to other parts of a program.

possibly helpful explanation? 

@s0 I think I understand it in principle - I’m just having trouble picturing how I might use the concepts in practice. It’s also entirely possible I’m *over* thinking it!

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