PSA: "Useful documents" is not an appropriate collection name.

@hugh 😨 I'm appalled you even have to say this!

@dzshuniper oh sorry "collection" may have been ambiguous. it's a Sharepoint heading, not a client-facing library collection. Still, are we not librarians?

@hugh I mean, I'm a records manager and have done my fair share of work with SharePoint as a document management system. I'd like to think that librarians would be better at this kind of thing than other people, but in my experience, really not. 😩

@dzshuniper every shared drive I've ever had the misfortune of sharing backs that up.

@saera Look I have a folder called "to read" where documents go to die, but what you do in the privacy of your own Documents folder is nobody else's business.

@hugh @saera Actually, from a records perspective, 'Useful documents' and 'to read' are fine. They're likely to contain copies of published material that are not actually records. 'Stuff' is a problem though, as is 'Miscellaneous' and 'General correspondence'.

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