Friends you must watch this amazing synth-pop guide to Duke University Library's "Library Take Out" service:

The comments on this are hilarious:

"Whoever made this need their salary doubled"

"This will be the most viewed video in the history of DukeUni, you're never going to top this."

"Whatever Duke is I should've gone to it."

"I forgot to wear a mask and now I'm infected with these SICK BEATS"

"It's hard to comprehend that we live in a world where 54 people disliked this."

"Think of all the kids who will never know they were conceived to this song."

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@hugh hello keytar (I’ve never seen a library video that was good before)

@hugh The music is CC licensed and some of my colleagues are contemplating an interpretative dance rendition.

@hugh I cannot argue with you there. I don't know that they're trying to make any improvements as such, more... they just couldn't help themselves but respond via dance. 🕺🏼

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