I hear some people are mad online about a bloke wearing a slightly floofy dress on a magazine cover.

Imagine having the bandwidth this year to even have an opinion beyond "ooh he looks nice in that" or "I didn't realise style magazines were still a thing in pandemic times".


Enough of this. Bring back manly men. Like Alexander the Great. Can you imagine him riding into battle wearing a short dress?

The problem is that the West has become weak. Eastern cultures have always had strong, no-nonsense manly despotic men. Definitely wouldn't wear dresses or care about their clothes.

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How are you supposed to do manly things like look happy about the prospect of cracking skulls, if you're wearing something like a floofy skirt?

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@alissa not sure I could pull off that haircut.

@hugh you'll just have to grow extra beard to compensate

@hugh skirt = female = weak only in white european culture...

@hugh Ah ah, yeah! I mean, maybe they had some silly crossdressers ofc, but no way you'd see members of these manly civilisations' elites and men of power in dresses. :D

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