war crimes 

The Australian military has a long history of committing war crimes.

The only thing I find “shocking” about the recent revelations is the expectation that I would be surprised by them.

I went to school with kids who couldn’t wait to join the army and become “heroes”, a breed apart from and above mere civilians. Doesn’t take a genius to predict what happens when you people like that in a remote environment with no clear goals and lots of weaponry.

war crimes 

"People would have expected their defence force to act in accordance with the nation’s values, [Chief of Defence Angus Campbell] said."

What if the problem is that they *did* act in accordance with the nation's values?

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war crimes 

If I were a former PM who didn’t bring troops home from Afghanistan I’d be keeping a low profile. K Rudd never was one for much self-reflection though I guess.

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