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100% chance that the pizza shop guy was working illegally. This is precisely what happened in the Chadstone cluster in Victoria and why contact tracers need to be clear that they don't care about visa status or whatever. Threatening fines does nothing useful if the alternative is losing your entire livelihood.

I'm honestly shocked by how little SA has learned from Victoria in terms of contact tracing and preparing for widespread testing.

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Picked it.

I am 100% here for people dunking on the Labor party, but there is a pretty stark comparison here between Vic (constantly at pains to emphasise common good, publicly declining to punish or identify people who lied or didn't tell whole truth to contract tracers, independent Inquiry into system failure) vs SA (instantaneous victim blaming, public disappointment at lack of laws to imprison victim, 20 cops assigned to working out how to punish scared COVID patient).

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@hugh that's a step on the way, but when the boss who'se paying them says "you say you work here & no more job" then it doesn't matter what the tracers promise

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@ajft No doubt. Either way, Confected outrage and shaming individuals for being "selfish liars" on national TV is hardly helpful.

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@hugh aussies love someone to blame, esp. when there's nothing visible like a virus, gotta be someone's fault

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@hugh WHY DO THEY ATTACK THE INDIVIDUALS and not see that the problem is insecure work? 95% of Australia's COVID problems have been due to a casualised and marginalised workforce.

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