program has been released and you do NOT want to miss this: :librarian_hushing: :oa: 👩‍💻

Of course it is! But that doesn't get me a free flight to the land down under!

@jens hmm true, but you'd have a hard time talking your way in at the moment anyway...

@hugh @jens I will hold you to that 🙂. So you know it’s in Canberra in 2022

I'll have to practice my fake aussie accent, and finally read up on how to spot those dangerous drop bears before they get me.

@hugh Looks good! Might be worth putting timezone info on the schedule page: I had to dig around a bit to find it.

Seems to be in the footer of most pages but weirdly not the schedule...

@petrichor we're working on that exact issue as we speak :) @hugh

@saera @hugh Cool! 😊

Now I have to try and predict if I'll have enough energy to be awake all night... 😴

@petrichor we are also recording the sessions and they are available for catchup after the conference. Obviously turning up is awesome but if you can't quite make it then recordings is also an option :) @hugh

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