I wasn't willing to name and shame clearly struggling rural shire libraries yesterday but how the hell does the whole Lane Cove Council have such an utterly abominable website?

"There are a number of policies that elaborate on the terms and conditions that you are about to accept.
For further information please refer to the Library [Brochure]."

Or ...you could just "elaborate" here? On this website?

At least it doesn't say "click here" I guess.

more whining about shitty library web pages 

Congratulations to Oberon Library and Civica for making the library website "home" link return an nginx 403 page

more whining about shitty library web pages 

Me: "I just want you to put basic information about your services in a reasonable place on the website you already have"

Parkes Shire Library: "Ok but what if we ...linked from our website to a PDF called "FAQ's" [sic] hosted on Box.com?"

more whining about shitty library web pages 

How do you do, fellow youths?

more whining about shitty library web pages 

Impressive chutzpah from Snowy Monaro Regional Library, not even bothering to make their conditions of membership available before requiring new members to agree to them.


shitty library web pages 

I would like to apologise to the NSW library network for implying they have the worst library websites in Australia.

I have now encountered rural Queensland online.

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