I’m keen on learning new things but I am utterly unexcited by online PD “events” like workshops and conferences. I can see why a lot of uni students are struggling.

OTOH nobody appears to have attempted to recreate the horrendous “conference dinner dance floor” experience online, which is a big plus.

@hugh are you kidding? I never want to go to an in-person conference ever again. online only from now on pls

@alissa I might maybe feel different if my entire life wasn’t mediated through videoconferencing. I’m not saying I prefer big in-person conferences, it’s really made me reconsider when and how synchronous knowledge transfer is useful and when maybe not, however.

@hugh well, so is mine 😛 I guess it depends what kind of knowledge you're looking to transfer, and with whom. I definitely don't wanna talk to anybody at any of these things, but it can be useful for formal confs to forcefully appropriate space in my calendar to stop and consider ideas presented there

@alissa hmm true, maybe the problem is how easily I can skip them 🤔

@alissa I am also currently deeply influenced by a lot of reading about Indigenous cultural and knowledge-transfer practice which is much more embodied and typically involving many fewer participants. Maybe I just don’t like the whole conference model… 😯

@hugh mmm I was thinking this too but didn't manage to spell it out. Something like an unconference / yarning circle / lightly organised gasbag would have greater in-person value than what formal conferences currently offer

@alissa yes this, except my experience of unconferences has been deeply unsatisfying. It would need to be carefully curated (“lightly organised gasbag”)

@hugh @alissa I really can't wait to tell you my ideas about a distributed conference model. when I can discuss it I will run the idea by you :)

@hugh There can definitely issues with online events, depending on who is organising them and how, but it has made PD infinitely more accessible to me so I am a big fan

@kassi_grace yeah I hear this a lot and agree in principle and yet I find I am just really not personally enthused, hence my comment. It’s disappointing in many ways.

@hugh I miss all the free stationery and toys. Used to love getting a lovely bag full of vendor haul. ✏️ 🖍️ 🗒️ ⏳ 🔮

@rachellouise ha! I was never really into that, this is me being “Could this conference have been a series of blog posts?”

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