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Shit Pitch: A documentary that follows the people who have to clean up the mess after each party leader botches the batch at their daily visit to a manufacturing plant.

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"Sharon sadly sweeps the crushed macarons into a bin, and prepares a new batch of batter. She's now 4 hours behind."

"Stephen looks sadly at the ruined motherboard, spilled solder pinning it to the bench.

'We could maybe rescue a couple of components but getting this crusty mess off the floor is going to be a challenge'

The line will run long into the eventing to catch up."

auspol adjacent 

@hugh I often wonder about that when you see %tvpresenter do a guest stint at some company and drive the sewing machine/fill the pies/etc -- the company must do a cost/benefits tradeoff of "% promotion from having X visit & mention us vs half a day's lost product'

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