covid (-) 

Well it happened 馃

covid, Netflix 

So far the main thing I have learned from having COVID is that Netflix has many documentaries about scammers.

covid, Netflix 

"Trust no one: the hunt for the Crypto King" is absolutely bonkers and you should watch it. A glorious m茅lange of bog-standard Ponzi, Bitcoin absurdity, and absolutely unhinged conspiracy theories.


covid (~) 

TFW you realise all 6 blister packs of codral in the house are missing the night tablets.

covid (?) 

I appear to have reached the "spicy cough" part of the spicy cough. 馃樂

covid (?) 

@hugh I missed out on spicy cough while I had the spicy cough 馃槵

covid (?) 

@katrina that sounds wonderful 馃珷

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