I think @ThermiteBeGiants originally shared this a few days ago. Thinking about it as I travel by train to Geelong.


Five hours Melbourne to Sydney may sound like a long travel time to some. But I estimate to travel from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station to Sydney’s Central Station by air and bus/car would generally take a minimum of 3.5 to 4 hours once you factor in check-in, security, and negotiating airport traffic.


This is why it’s so frustrating to see the obsession with building rail to Tullamarine airport instead of fixing the appalling rail route to Sydney.

Comfortable rail that takes you CBD to CBD in a single transport mode without security theatre and airport price gouging is a winner and it’s bemused me for decades why Australian governments have resisted it for so long.

@hugh I totally agree - for me maximum speed is not that important but the current service is terrible.

@ericireland @hugh it needs to be fast, regular and cheap enough to be a viable option for enough people that it's used enough to be worth building. And making the route viable for very fast makes sense for future upgrades.

And they could be marketing it as a green initiative for those votes.

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