You all loved the "How do QR codes work" link so here's a story from ABC's "Beyond 2000" explaining the next new thing in retail and how it works. That's right, it's the 2D barcode:

I'm not sure what the deal is with her extremely odd, out-of-breath delivery (perhaps it's all the effort of the fake British accent) but I do appreciate the gimmicky presentation.

@hugh That style was common to a lot of the presenters of the show. It was parodied by comedy shows like Fast Forward. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that comedian Amanda Keller got her start on that show.

@hugh i wound up watching just about the entire thing, and i have to say, that whole segment must have entailed a *lot* of work.

@hugh Sorry to nitpick, but those sorts of barcodes are now referred to as 1D barcodes (as they can be read by a single cut of a beam across all the bars). Anything that either needs the beam to then be moved up/down (or to take a pic of the whole code) to decode it is usually referred to as 2D. Of course, they were just "barcodes" when they were coined, since no one had thought of stacking the data vertically yet.

@cefiar ah, you are 100% right, of course! A 3D barcode is a weird concept.

@hugh I loved that show. We got it here on a cable channel.

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