I'm absolutely not complaining but two public holidays in a row before a weekend has really screwed up my sense of what day of the week it is. Two days in a row I've been "it's Saturday!"

@platypus Ruth, let me introduce you to the wacky world of public holidays in my state of residence:

📆 25 April: ANZAC Day (that time we catastrophically failed to invade Turkey)
📆 13 June Queen's Birthday (not the actual date of the Queen's birthday, 2 different dates used other states)
📆 22 September National Day of Mourning (some foreign billionare died)
📆 23 September Friday before the AFL Grand Final (football)
📆 1 November Melbourne Cup (horse race)

@hugh ... ... ... I cannot explain to you what this looks like to an American.

@platypus @hugh
ANZAC Day is NOT "that time we catastrophically failed to invade Turkey"

ANZAC Day is that time England catastrophically failed to invade Turkey with .au and .nz troops.

@stuartyeates @platypus The great thing about the ANZAC myth is it caters to all flavours of nationalism, including yours.

@hugh only yesterday was a holiday for me so today I got off at the train station for the campus I work at on Mondays rather than the train station for the campus I work at on Fridays 😹

@hugh yep, woke up this morning thinking “ah, Sunday ;)” and then realised… no… :) not to worry, only 2 more sundays until back to work time ;)

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