HOWEVER there are some caveats. It's impossible to accurately and always know where the gap is between words in an arbitrary user-created tag.

For I've set up a special check that changes 'glamblogclub' into 'glam blog club'. That won't work for something like, for example "ausglamblogposts".

Also, "ausglamblog" will collect "ausglamblog posts" ("[any characters]ausglamblog[any characters]", but not the other way around, because "posts" is part of the tag:

Tag browsing will automatically expand on either end of the tag and also between words - extra punctuation and plurals therefore usually won't matter:

Phrase searching works just like in Google - use quotes if you want a phrase, otherwise it's an OR search on each word:

An update for those interested (possibly only @alissa 😂)

Here's how search and browse work on the new @blogs - note the expanded search finds 'puppy' from 'puppies', and things tagged 'glam blog club' when we browse on a '' tag.

Aus GLAM Space

This is a Mastodon instance primarily for Australasian Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Records people, and anyone else who wants to hang out with them. Loosely associated with newCardigan