Our entire local train to the Shinkansen station is one carriage. 🚞

The photo from above is taken at Goryokaku Tower, just outside the park. There’s some somewhat odd (to me) hagiography going on there for this guy: Hijikata Tishizō. He was a Tokugawa general in the Boshin War and died at the Battle of Hakodate. i.e. He was a rebel leader on the losing side of the civil war. Also kind of sounds like a prick TBQH.


Yesterday we went to Goryokaku Fort. Pretty amazing. There’s a complete reconstruction of the offices of the Tokugawa era Magistrate (effectively, the Governor, but also the chief magistrate). It was so awesome I forgot to take photos inside.

Truly, only a gaijin could fuck up packet curry this badly.

Here are some more cats from down on the old Hakodate port. You can’t feed them either but at least they’re cosy.

Hakodate City Central has a resident cat. We saw it running around outside but didn’t get a photo. Do not feed the library cat.

I have an arrangement with @Erika - she gets to organise everything about our holiday itineraries, as long as we visit at least one library.

Yo @koosli get some of these at the Hakodate Station 7-Eleven. I finally found them just as I nearly don’t need them anymore.

Breakfast of champions at - Tourist prices, but then we successfully navigated buying veggies from the grandmas at the market so we’ll make up the difference at dinner :success:

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