cursed image, :democracysausage: 

Good morning to our overseas friends. Here is the image from the homepage banner on Australia's electoral commission website today. :democracysausage:

It appears Australia will have a new Head Sausage after yesterday's election.

Good to see these warnings to tourists at South Wharf about Australia’s infamous Drop Bears.

Look Up And Live.

Ausvotes, UAP 

Billionaire Clive Palmer just sent me this dangerous and absurd spam a day before a federal election. Amazingly, this is completely legal.


AJP is learning a hard lesson about using Sharon’s niece who has done a few things with Canva instead of a professional graphic designer.

‘Increased gas and oil supply was “absolutely part of the solution” to decarbonising the economy, the annual conference of gas industry group the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (Appea) was told.’


And here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for…

8 Wired “iStout Affogato Imperial Stout”

There’s …a lot going on here. The thinking person’s Vodka and Red Bull

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Molly Rose Scarf Weather

It’s an amber ale with oranges, cinnamon and ginger infused. The orange rind is a bit more forward than the rest but not in a bad way. Not as “warming” as I expected, nice but almost a Spring rather than Autumn beer.

vegetarian food 

If you lived here you’d be watching me eat this already.

Best not to think too much about why the grass in front of the police forensics facility has such a thriving mushroom patch

Oh wow, while I was distracted @tripofmice has been busy making the development environment a lot smoother!

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