Ah yes Spring, when the solar panels begin emerging from their cocoons.

BIG NEWS for GLAM and open culture friends!

Join @saera and me for the miniconf as part of on the Gold Coast (sorry)

What does generous and open GLAM practice look like? How can FOSS and GLAM people help each other? Let's find out!



(ignore that it says they're closed)

civiCRM likes to let me know the exact degree to which I should be crapping myself when I'm about to send the newCardigan newsletter out.

These appeared in my neighbourhood recently and I assumed it was a spoof but then looked properly and ..? 🙃

This is supposed to be the Police line stopping us from turning towards Flinders St Station but when 100, 000 people refuse to respect your authority there’s not much you can do.

We fucked up the traffic and blocked the street with all the car parks LOL

I think we just started a rogue extra march route before anyone starts a stampede. This crowd is actually a bit alarming it’s so big.

Spring St right now. This is not a march it’s just people making their way to the rally.

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This is a Mastodon instance primarily for Australasian Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Records people, and anyone else who wants to hang out with them.