My Logic mag took so long to arrive in Australia I almost thought I’d accidentally ordered the digital-only edition.

All I wanted to do was find out whether Bourke Library charges fines.

How are you supposed to do manly things like look happy about the prospect of cracking skulls, if you're wearing something like a floofy skirt?

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The problem is that the West has become weak. Eastern cultures have always had strong, no-nonsense manly despotic men. Definitely wouldn't wear dresses or care about their clothes.

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Enough of this. Bring back manly men. Like Alexander the Great. Can you imagine him riding into battle wearing a short dress?

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Ok I got sick of waiting and updated the library map manually.

Yes Melbourne is a UNESCO City of Literature, why do you ask?

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Unexpected bonus of lockdown and emerging from it in November: I have finally noticed how many amazing roses there are in my neighbourhood.

library fines 

This turns out to be slightly more complicated than I expected.

But also there are a lot more fine-free libraries in Victoria than I realised. Huge flip in the last 18 months.

Ah yes, a tour of France, Italy and Germany is exactly where I want to be right now, thanks Europcar. I wonder what DFAT have to say about...

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I don’t want to brag or anything but @Erika just fed me this 😋

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