Academic publishing, :birdsite: mention 

Wiley just pulled 150 titles from their main subscription package with no notice. Do they think we can’t see them? Chutzpah, I’ll give them that.

food, meat 

I don’t mean to brag but @Erika cooked the most amazing beef ribs and sides tonight and I got to eat it.

Couldn’t decide so here’s a collection of

The cutleaf mint had the most amazing pungent fragrance

Can’t say I’d recommend these, but it’s an experience.

dead queen 

Time to purchase a vuvuzela for the big day.

jigsaw puzzle 

This was a good one. Deceptively tricky!

Yiwarra Kuju - Canning Stock Route (1000 pieces)

Dead celebrity 

My memory of Judith Durham is Boomers endlessly droning on about how great she and her tediously boring band were for my entire life, thanks ABC.

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