Not my best photography. Autumn colour on the way to work this morning, possibly a Cotinus.

If I ever did an originally, it seems I deleted it, so here's another.

I'm the sysadmin & moderator of, a from Naarm/Melbourne, co-founded :newCardigan: newCardigan, created @ephemetoot (for periodically deleting your old toots) and @blogs (for sharing your GLAM blog with the world).

I mostly toot about GLAM, and what I ate for dinner.

Occassionally I toot about Australian politics, but I made @auspol_clippy to remind me not to.

LOL I was worried that my @ephemetoot setup was broken but then I remembered I'm keeping all my posts.

I love this gnarly behind the CARM store. Gotta be way older than the invasion of Naarm.

“Nice raw concrete pillar you’ve got there. Shame if something were to grow in it.” Hedera helix (Common ivy)

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