@geordie I took this tour and heard the same story!

I remember thinking the smell was not as delicious as one might expect.

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That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.


@kassi_grace He’s the member for Kew. He knows what he’s talking about.


Ahaha Tim Smith, the gift that keeps on giving.

“Liberal party should forego ‘entitled’ Kooyong voters, says their own state Liberal MP”


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Open call for obsolete sounds! This project is really fascinating. They're requesting recordings of sounds from our environment, old tech, etc. that are no longer commonplace and then those will be reimagined by sound artists "to draw attention to the world’s disappearing soundscapes." https://citiesandmemory.com/2022/05/open-call-your-field-recordings-of-obsolete-sounds-wanted/

question for my Library Frens 

@saera this is definitely a question for @alissa but AIUI fundamentally you're paying for the DDC IP, rather than the tool per se.

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'“The HRW findings show that 89 per cent of the educational technology, or "EdTech", products used globally could put children's privacy at risk.” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-25/investigation-reveals-educational-tech-tracking-children-data/101091808 The raw data behind this reporting is being released on 8 June and will be worth looking into if you have an interest.

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auspol shitposting 

:drake_dislike: S.44 of the Australian Constitution is incompatible with our modern society

:drake_like: the Australian Constitution is incompatible with our modern society

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I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

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@mike I did that once when they were desperate but it kinda freaked me out TBH

@platypus @DonnaLanclos the mad cow rule just changed about a week ago here, so great.

@mattcen yeah it’s dumb and illogical. At least the TGA has finally removed the ban on people who were in the UK during Mad Cow.

@platypus Our blood service is very good at letting you know. They also have this thing they started doing a year or so ago where you get a text message about a week later: “Hugh, your donation is being used right now at St Vincent’s Hospital” Or whatever. Whether they are actually tracking my particular blood is kind of irrelevant- it feels nice!

Apparently yesterday was my 30th blood donation! Hooray!

That seems surprising because you basically can only do 4 a year and I’ve definitely skipped a lot of appointments.

@mike I still think most people didn’t understand Starship Troopers and arguably fewer would now. @daedalus

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