JFC I stupidly installed Gulp on my own laptop to do something for work and now my whole node/npm install is fucked.

Spent 3 hours debugging missing meta tags and it turns out to be a wordpress plugin being stupid fml

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People standing to make a profit out of pandemic ought to be treated as war profiteers of the WWI (at best, shunned, at worst...)

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crime 🤝 Being late
being able to anger a person

@pelagikat screw "affordable" housing it should be free.

@geordie i mean I'm not exactly Mr Handyman but still.

@geordie our toilet seat was a bit loose and it took me three weeks and a lot of swearing to even work out how it was actually screwed in so I could fix it.

covid-19, LNP 🙃 

@Jason_Dodd Yes Jason I’m sure the middle of a public health crisis when we’re all suddenly working remotely on 4 hour’s sleep is the perfect time for everyone to pivot to your personal favourite self hosted GPL licensed chat app running through Vim or whatever the fuck.

@Jason_Dodd It does when you're already in an MS corporate environment and need a low barrier to entry.

The concreters finally finished yesterday and now some shithead is working an angle grinder a bit further down the road. 😖

Considering setting up an auto-reply for any meeting invite containing “to discuss how” with a reply simply saying “The answer is MS Teams - no need for a meeting”

Day 2 of trying to use my wireless Mac keyboard with my work Windows laptop and it's fair to say I am yet to master the slight difference in keyboard shortcuts.

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