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"Refreshments" otherwise known as highly refined carbohydrates.

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@alissa @kassi_grace yes that's the one. If I ever finish my rewrite it will be listed on the website and there will also be more options for the easily forgetful.


@virtualwolf nothing thank goodness, but we ended up at the emergency vet for a bruised eye.

@alissa Should fine. She has a “doggy black eye” but no visible damage. Got some atropine and a pain killer.

Well that was an expensive game of catch with the dog 😢

@Edwardshaddow "It's ok you'll get an alert asking you to give permission. Except when you don't".

@dsalo yeah I have it set to auto-update which is usually what I want but hadn't quite picked up that this was a whole version upgrade. Bunch of security changes that are theoretically sensible but broke a bunch of third-party stuff.

@Katsudon like, I'm in favour of better security defaults. But making it impossible to use an app because the developer didn't fill in a particular form and get it approved by Cupertino, with no way for the owner of the machine to override it, is garbage.

Certainly, rendering the apps I use daily unable to open themselves or any other files is extraordinary.

"The apps you use every day, made extraordinary" says Apple, where "extraordinary" means "unusable".

hmm, this may the point at which I should feel contrite about clicking 'later' when offered a 'tour' of the new OS.

Oh FFS I stupidly upgraded MacOS and now I ...can't open any files. Thanks Apple, you gigantic dickheads.

Gonna add "specialises in 'Aboriginal Studies' (sic) vs specialises in 'Local History' " to my public libraries map.

Hoo boy.

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