"I'd always fancied seeing Bristol, so I decided to 'visit' the Bristol office to look at 'user take-up'. I actually spent three days taking MDMA at an anarcho-syndicalist house party in St Pauls, and the dissociative come-down made me realise how profoundly upsetting it was to live in a state of utter porposelessness."

This is the best thing I've read in ages.

@mattcropp pretty small AIUI. Maastodon closed down, I think maybe there's one other one.

@alissa Maybe I should get this one for when people demand to know why I chose pink as newCardigan's key colour: cottonbureau.com/products/i-we

@alissa @kassi_grace I mean the way this this assignment topic is outlined is super Settler Colonial, much like Local Historical Societies

@alissa @kassi_grace you should find the local massacre site: there will be one, and it probably isn’t well-documented.

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David Graeber is such a funny bastard.

@alissa I bought it a while ago but haven't read it yet.

@alissa Finally I can move on to "Bullshit Jobs" 😂

Just gave up after reading 60% of this problematically Euro-centric 1000 page "history of ideas" book and I suddenly feel a whole lot lighter. Should have done it ages ago, I've been reading it for months.

Learned something about piping in bash today 🤓

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I feel like a lot of the worlds problems would be eliminated if the stock market was outlawed

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Hey, my little sib, Bianca writes poetry. And you can get their work here:


They say “I write about stuff I wish I had seen more poetry of: queer love, people with gender neutral pronouns, living with depression and chronic pain, traveling and realizing complicated things about yourself.”

I think that sounds like a lot of people here, so I thought I’d share it with y’all. I may reboost a couple times.

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"Hey Mike, you know computers, how do I not get hacked?"

"Stop doing those dumb 'What Industrial Solvent Are You?' quizzes, delete Facebook and don't reuse your passwords."

"Hahah yeah, but seriously, what app for my phone should I get?"

@alissa holy fucking shit that Nick Poole speech.

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