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If you find your mastodon experience too political, too meme-y, too science-y, or just not interesting enough, choose who to follow more carefully. Unfollow some people who fill your timeline with boring stuff; it's not a personal judgement, and you'll still see it if one of your friends boosts their toot. And follow someone who posts the sort of thing you like. Check out hashtags from their cool posts.

Most of all, post the sort of thing you'd like to see more of!


@saera I just woke up too, feeling sorry for the internationals here because I’m really not coping with a mere two hour time difference.

“Praising Collapse” (James C Scott - Against the grain)

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tfw you've been tasked with writing the obituary for someone who, by all accounts, was just a total and utter turd in human skin

@kensanata maybe. I guess it depends how you’re hosting though?

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If anyone with Unix skills (and preferably some development skills as well, but not really a requirement) wants a job, my employer has some openings right here in Singapore. You don't need to live in Singapore to apply.

@skeskali Broadly speaking, yes. Though depending where you are you need to be careful about who claims the country you're on.

@ocertat nothing yet! I do have a spare ‘Metadata’ sticker tho so probably that.

Count to 15 and choose a door, dipshits.

Wow Perth people really don’t know how to fly huh.

@kassi_grace what’s the deal? Orange tint? Can you get them prescription?

@alissa you must have stayed late too. At least you could just go straight to bed in what you were wearing 🤣

@alissa you were so, so right. I've felt rubbish all day.

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