“Holding the economy to ransom” is the whole point of strike action. Frankly, if they can do that simply by refusing to work overtime, Patrick doesn’t have enough workers.

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Patrick’s big complaint amounts to “The MUA has somehow found a way for industrial action to be both legal and effective”.


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@saera @rachellouise looking forward to some virtual chupachups

@alissa you mean a horizontal scroll? It doesn’t need one? I’m confused.

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@saera @rachellouise so it’s a time-limited paywalled yellow pages listing? Seems...expensive.

This is very close to my own approach to web publishing. I do still use momentjs and bigfoot, but there are rough plans to replace both with something simpler.


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@saera how does exhibiting work? @rachellouise

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I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

@pelagikat @emmadavidson sounds like Tasmania’s Forest Protection Association.

Time to shovel public money into underwriting fracking and airlines amirite

@hafnia sweet potatoes, bananas, paper towel, and fizzy water gas canisters.

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All of the pre-recorded talks for #apconf2020 are available now at: conf.tube/accounts/apconf/vide

If you're registered for the live portions of the conference next weekend (October 2-5) hopefully you'll have some time to check the videos out in advance! If you're attending the conference asynchronously feel free to watch the videos and leave questions in the video comments on on here using the #apconf2020 so we can incorporate them into the Q&A sessions!

DOAJ has a time machine for the Southern Hemisphere, apparently.

Curfew is over from tomorrow. Time to ...not change my current lifestyle at all.

@rachellouise I mean it's basically a waste disposal facility right? If it's shiny and glowing something is seriously wrong.

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