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I want to write up my thoughts on this but I also want 'organising information is never innocent' tattooed on my person somewhere

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"Keeping track of meeting minutes is a nightmare, so we created an app that uses node, express, react, redux and mongodb, and requires you to run your own server".

I really hope Aaron Tay moves off Blogger soon because his stuff is really interesting but the platform makes me grind my teeth.

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"I do not use your crappy confusing dog’s arse of an application not because I do not care about my privacy or because I lack the necessary technical knowledge but because my name is Amanda and I’m a brain surgeon who works over 60 hours a week and has three kids at home. I simply do not have enough hours in the day to devote to deciphering the mess you just dumped on my lap to save yourself the effort of thinking about anyone else but yourself while developing it."

Thanks @aral

"Why aren't these underfunded institutions doing something expensive and complicated with an amorphous outcome and zero incentive?"

Just spitballing here but maybe the reason public libraries aren't interested in the UN Sustainable Development Goals is because they report to local councils which are, um, not members of the UN.

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Has anyone put together a 'Most Anticipated' list for books coming out on small presses in 2019?

Hmm another article lauding the architect as visionary for following a standard brief for a public library in 2018. I’m certainly inspired, but not in the way they expected.

This episode of Artist in the Archive is my favourite so far but I feel like Jer made it specially for @alissa

I hope nobody wants anything at the NLA during mid February because it appears all the staff are presenting at ALIA Online .

"we use cookies to provide you with a great browsing experience"

A great experience like...obscuring half the page with a popover message about cookies and only an 'accept' button?

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fuck solar panels. you could grow food on the roof, food for the chickens, and then theyd lay eggs and the eggs would roll down a ramp & spin wheels connected to the generator. fuck solar punk!!!! this is Egg Punk

haha oops I forgot to change 'Invasion Day' before I shared my year planner with the rest of the organisation.

Not as heroic as when @Edwardshaddow did the same thing in his public library LMS calendar with website integration.

So far today I have found 7 conflicting but equally unhelpful suggestions for fixing my civiCRM problem, and accidentally archived my podcast to-be-listened list. It’s not even 9am yet 🙁

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Talking of mace, here's a story. Briefly at Sydney airport they mounted those motion-detecting deoderisers in the gents that spray scent when they detect movement. At eye height. On the urinal wall. I noted this and started weeing a few feet away from it (one long wall, not individual urinals) and was halfway through when someone else came in.

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