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Tell your radical writing friends: the Fair Australia Prize is OPEN :comrade:

If you're using ephemetoot, you probably should update:

Version 1.2.0 includes a test mode @ocertat created (thanks Mark) and also now complies with the new(ish) API rate limit of 30 deletions per 30 minutes.

FInally, the public timeline now has a nice page here:

Which is probably a useful warning about visibility on the public timeline lol.

There is also now (since v2.7.3 I think) a 'Profile Directory'. It's opt-in, which you can do from your homepage when logged in, or from Settings. If you use any hashtag (there's no controlled vocab 😒) you'll appear under that tag. This is designed to help new members find people to follow, which is useful for bigger servers. Currently it's just me:

Related: you actually have always had the ability to send invitations to your GLAM friends, which will bypass this. Go to Settings - Invite People:

More usefully, there's now a setting (which I've turned on) allowing new signups that will go to me for approval. Prior to this I had new signups switched off with a note to email me, to cut down on spam, so this new system is much friendlier because you can just sign up. See the homepage:

If you really want to, you can now use 'polls' to do some public opinion research that will never pass peer review. Click the button next to the camera image when writing a new toot.

Okey dokes, now that I finally fixed all the design assets (whoops!) you can see some new features since v2.8.0

@saera hmm don't worry, I was missing some brackets.

@saera since today is "explaining maths" Day can you tell me why 60 modulo 30 isn't zero?

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“Sorry those beers are just for display purposes we don’t sell them”.

“Oh no sorry you can’t sit in the comfy booths at the moment.”

This place is weird.

Has Hugh actually fixed the borked install of v2.8.2?

Surely someone at GitHub knows how to localise the time in a browser...? I don't even know what "PT" is. Pacific Time?

Ok we are back online but I didn't fix the problem.

Just a reminder for we're going down for maintenance in 10 minutes. Should take less than 90 minutes.

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