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Linux Conf is next to the wedding expo today.

"If we want to create a more just world, we must recognise that sometimes these algorithms aren’t simply ‘broken’, but operating exactly as intended."

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‪I was reading some Royals coverage and wondering how anyone can publish whole articles based on unattributed gossip, then I remembered that political journalism exists. ‬

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a writing hint for #ScholarSocial:
keep a compilation document of stuff that you edit out of article manuscripts after peer reviews. often they are seeds of thought and insights that don't fit in well with the article you end up with, but they can be used elsewhere in other pieces and/or be used to inspire further studies

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Librarians Prefer Makerspaces Over Warm Drink: A Longitudinal Study

Extremely weird to be getting flood alerts on the VicEmergency app the same day authorities warned of catastrophic fires.

Crap it appears we already drank all the Pinot in the house. I was looking forward to that.

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Guess which idiot left his umbrella at home? ☔️

“The billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest pledged $70m, most of which will go towards establishing a new fire research agency at his own charity.”

So he’s ‘donated’ money to himself. Maybe I should set up the Rundle Foundation to buy books for me. What a crock.

Hmm walking up the hill was a mistake 🥵

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capitalists reinventing public services poorly is one of my favorite tropes

Watching a classic Delia episode allegedly on the theme of pulses:

Bacon with peas pudding
lentils with scallops
beef and butter beans
chicken chilli con carne
sausages with beans


Nudging healthy and sustainable food choices: three randomized controlled field experiments using a vegetarian lunch-default as a normative signal

ping @saera

Wow a lot of people on :birdsite: from the North Atlantic are suddenly experts on Australian politics.

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How Our Library Attracted More Cat Lovers With Transport in France

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