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morning TV, auspol, health 

Every now and then I like to see what morning television is telling people.

Today, Joe Hildebrand implying that if you're not happy that kids are back at school already, you're a fascist.

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I like being on websites that don't make me constantly angry

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Reminder about Excel and research 

Never use Excel for important research

It is malware!

> Gene name errors are widespread in the scientific literature

> The spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel, when used with default settings, is known to convert gene names to dates and floating-point numbers. A programmatic scan of leading genomics journals reveals that approximately one-fifth of papers with supplementary Excel gene lists contain erroneous gene name conversions.

testing pls ignore 

Ignore this I'm just testing something.

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So I'm thinking

If academia is going to be accused of being a big conspiracy of leftist commies

Let's at least give them a fucking reason and unionize

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:ohnobubble: I've found new podcasts to replace the ones I unsubscribed from.

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Just realised the British Factory Act, Libraries Act, and Acts for representative government for Australian colonies were all passed in 1850. 🤔

Damn I've finally seen the Alma "reams of book reviews before getting to the actual book" problem in the wild. 😭

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COVID19 has highlighted the importance of culture. We need our movies, our television shows, our books and our performances. They distract us and soothe us in these uncertain times. They teach us. They shine a light on the experiences of others. How sad it is that society as a whole doesn't respect the arts.

Think I might need to tweak @lib_papers a bit more, it's NQR

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I am unemployed. I don't believe I will be returning to academia.

If you or someone you know is looking for a high skilled, highly motivated Unix admin, technical writer, infosec consultant, or tech researcher, please get in touch. Willing to relocate anywhere (after the COVID-19 situation, of course) and work remotely in the interim.

(Please feel free to star and boost.)

The next discussion will be in two weeks - look out for the readings from The Commons on Monday, and the reminder from newCardigan closer to the date.

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