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So tired of the "warrior race" trope in science fiction. Why does everybody's hobby always have to be war when war clearly sucks and is really unsustainable? Why can't we have, like, a powerful empire of beekeepers? A galactic nation of painters? A league of alien philatelists?

This Facebook wedding would be even happier if Malcolm hadn't buggered the NBN.

New version 2.3.0 is out:

Now with MOAR timestamps, 'pace' option, and option to suppress logging for skipped toots.

Basically, it gives you 'more time'.


Interesting dust-up approaching between the Property Council (“Reduce LNG use by 25% with a national building efficiency program”) and Nev Power’s resources industry (“Gas-led recovery”)

Never thought the Property Council could be an ally but here we are.

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You know what would really trigger the left

four day week, I'd hate that

I hope nobody proposes it, I'd be infuriated

Every credible study for the last decade plus has said that the most significant skills shortages in Australia are in 'basic' skills: communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving. A glance around the average workplace or board room will confirm this.

So what are we doing? Increasing by 62% the cost of university degrees most focussed on those skills gaps. Because "job ready". JFC.

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That graffiti in the Engineering faculty toilets telling you to tear off your Arts degree one square at a time? It's now Australian Government policy.

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A thing I love is when a Council redacts all the personal information from objectors, correspondents, etc. to a proposal, by adding a black box over the info in a PDF—so that anyone interested to find out what the address is can just highlight, cut, and paste. Or search


Now they just need to stop fining people for being Aboriginal in public.

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if youre autistic pls reply to this about one of your special interests you can absolutely go off i want to get infodumped like a million times i just want to see autistic people being happy

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I keep having flashback to Albo saying he'd never noticed any corrupt activity in Federal Parliament.

Last week the Scottish Parliament voted 52:0 to apply military sanctions on the USA.

I hadn't really thought about where all that tear gas comes from.

h/t @luminesce

Every second Wednesday from 19:30 AEST (starting this week) I'll be hosting newCardigan's reading group:

So this is your warning to set a filter for the hashtag if you don't want it to swamp your timeline.

🥳 ==> 🧼 ==> 😇

With version 2.1 you can:

⏰ schedule to run daily at a particular time from your MacOS machine with --schedule and --time (no server needed! Set and forget!)

👩‍👧‍👦 use for multiple accounts at the same time

#️⃣ keep toots with certain hashtags

👀 keep toots with certain visibility

📌 optionally keep pinned toots

📅 keep toots newer than X days

🧼 deletes everything else

Get a load of this conference paper from 30 years ago, it is so ZING! on academic journals:

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